ESO Fashion – Outfit Designer

For the last two months, I’ve dropped nearly everything to exclusively work on a 160+-hr project cataloging every item in Outfit Designer with two (weapons) or six-eight (armor) images per piece. Along the way, I did the same for the non-craftable styles and finished off any posts that were missing images, including adding dyed pics. Nearly 19,000 screenshots and a server upgrade later, I’ve finally completed this portion of the project.

Next, I plan to combine the Appearance Categories project with these images to create a search and compare tool that will allow you to choose how to display these pics. The tool will be stand-alone from the main site, which will speed it up significantly.

But first, I need to take a bit of time off to recharge. I plan to spend the next week or so doing my taxes, working on the next SWTOR pack being released on Tuesday, going to see Black Panther, putting new shelves up in my office closet, and most importantly spending time with my poor, neglected (in his eyes at least) dog.

You can see all the work I’ve done on the Tier 1 (and potentially up to Tier 4) posts for each style as well as on the individual Outfit Designer pages. I did a quick quality control of those pages, but at this point I just can’t stand to look at it any more. If you see any mistakes, please let me know.