ESO Fashion – Appearance Categories

Recently, I asked for feedback on the official forums, Reddit, Discord, and the site for potential appearance categories to help with searching for particular item styles. Over the last week and a half, I’ve updated 1,051 crafted armor posts with these categories. Because it was mind-numbly boring and some categories were a bit subjective in how they could be applied, I was not terribly consistent in how I tagged the posts. As you use the filter to search for these new categories, please let me know if I’ve missed anything or tagged something inappropriately. NOTE: I only tagged crafted armor posts since those are the only type of armor you can use with the upcoming Outfit Designer.

You can use these categories in one of two ways: 1) the multi-filter category located on the side bar (or bottom of the page on mobile) or 2) the meta data located at the top of each post.


To use the filter, click the white box at the top of the side bar titled “FILTER.” This will open the filter menu.

You can leave the filter option “All” to return posts that only have every category you’ve chosen or switch to “Any” to return all posts with any of the categories you’ve chosen.

Click on the drop down button for “Database.” “Personalized” only covers those characters submitted by users and does not apply to these appearance categories.

The appearance categories are located under “Appearance,” but you can use options under “Item Type” to help refine your search. You don’t need to check “Armor” or “Weapons” because I’ve separated the appearance categories out under an “Armor” and “Weapons” header. You can choose “Light,” “Medium,” or “Heavy” under “Armor,” “Armor Weight” to make sure the filter only returns items of a particular armor weight.

Appearance options are broken out into two categories: “Armor” and “Weapons.” I have not yet tagged any weapons, so that section won’t work yet.

Armor is broken out into individual item slots and an “Overall” section that I used when a particular category may apply to multiple items, eg. fur or glow.

WARNING: The more categories you choose, the less posts that will return. It’s probably safer to focus on one section at a time when doing searches to make sure you’re actually seeing everything you want to see.

Meta Data

You can also use the meta data at the top of a post to find other items with the same appearances. For instance, if you are currently visiting to Barbaric Homespun post and would like to see all waists that have a skull, click “SKULL” in the meta data. This may be confusing until you get a good handle on which appearance option belongs to each section since it doesn’t show the hierarchy in the meta data.