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MMO Fashion is a network of visual databases for massively multiplayer online (MMO) games where the game community helps populate the database by uploading images. In addition, the sites maintain a character gallery of user-generated fashion and creations. The main page, MMO Fashion, is a blog that covers information about each of the other sites.

We created the sites because we enjoy playing MMOs and want to help out the various gaming communities. We’ve continued to add additional games even though we don’t have the time to keep up with every game because we believe these sites are useful to the community. Unfortunately, that means we must rely on user submissions to help keep the sites updated.

Please note the game companies do not give us any special access to items or test servers. We pay for our own subscriptions and all in-game shop purchases. We have the same access to live and public test servers as any other fan site. All images available on the network are taken in-game by Exile, Dulfy, or users who have submitted them to the site. 

The MMO Fashion network is separate from and does not share resources or ad revenue/donations. 

MMO Fashion is a woman-owned and service-disabled veteran-owned small business.

Games I Cover

These are the games I currently cover:


GameSitePlannedLaunchedShut Down
Star Wars: The Old RepublicTOR Fashion20120501
Star Wars: The Old RepublicTOR Decorating2014051820140613
Elder Scrolls OnlineESO Fashion2014013020140227
WildStarWildStar Fashion201401302014032220181128
Guild Wars 2GW2 Fashion201401302014052720220112
ArcheAgeArcheAge Fashion201405222014090420220403
Blade and SoulBNS Fashion201507072015080220210516
Black Desert OnlineBDO Fashion2015061620160202
Destiny 2Destiny 2 Fashion201705022017091420190905
Fallout 76 FO76 Fashion2018112020200131

Lite Sites

Lite sites were a failed experiment of character gallery only sites that I started to fill a gap in that particular gaming community. These were games that have been around for awhile and I either missed the opportunity to cover them as full sites or decided not to. Unfortunately, the lack of a visual database doomed these to failure and I deleted the sites to save resources.


TERATERA Fashion2015082620150826
DC Universe OnlineDCUO Fashion2016022320160223