WildStar Fashion – PvP Armor Sets

WildStar has the most difficult system for previewing armor of any game I cover. (I imagine Guild Wars 2 was as difficult, if not more, but I didn’t start covering it until after they implemented the Wardrobe). Not only did I have to create 15 different characters so that I could have one of each race in each gender, I also had to make sure that I had all 6 classes in each faction. This is because you can’t even see what a vendor has for sale beyond what your character can wear.

Additionally, you have to use an add-on to preview an entire set of armor. I tried ItemPreviewImproved by _Hayato_, but was unable to turn my character to view every side. I’m hoping that’s been fixed in one of the updates since I last tried it.

Next, I turned to Galaxy Library by LemonKing. This add-on has so much potential, but LemonKing hasn’t updated it since before launch and I’m terrified Carbine will push a patch that breaks it.  Right now, it’s really difficult to use because there isn’t a way to search or sort other than the categories provided.

To get screenshots of all the PvP armor offered by the Battlegrounds, Arena, and Warplot vendors, I was leveling a character of each class in both factions until they could travel to their capital city and then wrote down what the vendors sold. Then I would use Galaxy Library on all 15 characters to get the screenshots. This was taking me about 12 hours per class in leveling, screen capturing, and posting to the website.

Njessi of Pat the Chua then suggested I use a database to search what each vendor sold instead of trying to level 12 characters. This worked pretty well, except Jabbithole didn’t have all of the armor listed for each vendor. I had to do a bit of extrapolation to figure out which sets belonged to which vendors, so if you see anything that doesn’t look right for your class/faction, please let me know.

All together, even though every set is duplicated at least once, it took me more than 45 hours to post all 120 PvP armor sets. I really hope Carbine comes up with a better preview system soon.