TOR Fashion / TOR Decorating Updates

It’s been a busy couple days with the launch of Galactic Strongholds and release of the Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack. Here are links to recent changes on TOR Fashion and TOR Decorating.

Table of Contents

Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack

We’re still waiting for the 36 hour cooldown on transferring items from the Gatekeeper’s Pack, but here is what Dulfy and I were able to get after opening around 10 hypercrates on the PTS and 3 on live. We’ll have the rest updated as soon as we can afford to buy all the items. NOTE: The Republic Voss Embassy Sign is bugged and will be offered later.

TOR Fashion Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack

TOR Decorating Gatekeeper’s Stronghold Pack

The Depths of Manaan Flashpoint Vendor

We have videos up of The Depths of Manaan flashpoint vendor weapons and mount. Click on the gifs below to visit those posts.




Strongholds Decorations

As far as we can tell, we have a post for everything that is available in the Strongholds Editor and are working to obtain in-game screenshots of everything. Thank you to everyone that has submitted source information. NOTE: The In-Game Decoration Submission form was missing the file upload field, but I corrected that this morning.

TOR Fashion Contest

The Submission Contest has been more popular than we could ever have imagined. In the last five days, we’ve received over 250 submissions! If you get a chance, take some time to peruse the submissions and help vote your favorites to the top.

Where to Find Crafting Mats

I built a searchable table for all crafting materials in the game since GSH has a renewed focus on crafting.

Body Types

We received some criticism on the TOR Fashion Customized Set Submission form so I fixed the formatting and added a Body Types page to the site. Unfortunately, I don’t have the coding knowledge to incorporate an item database into the site to address the third complaint.