TOR Fashion – Sound Tables

For a couple years now, we’ve been using datamined information to help sort weapons and head pieces by the sounds and voice modulation. I’ve done a decent job of keeping up with the weapons (unless they change), but the Similarity (Sound) pages don’t include weapons that we don’t have a post for. I’ve been significantly less successful with the head pieces.

Today, I added two tables to TOR Fashion with the datamined information for the weapons and head pieces. This will allow you to look up a specific item to get the sound name and then cross-reference it to the videos on the site to hear that particular sound. Note that the weapons are on a new page located on the Main Menu under Similarity, Weapons (Sound) at the bottom of the list. The head pieces have been added to the existing Voice Modulation page located on the Main Menu under Misc, Other.

I plan to update these files every time there is a new patch like I do with the TOR Decorating for the List of Decorations that has Guild Stronghold Purchase Costs (Main Menu, Decorations, List of Decorations).

EDIT: To the dismay of some people who are subscribed to the TOR Fashion YouTube channel, I uploaded example videos of each weapon sound to the Similarity pages. There are about a dozen that I could not find a weapon to take a new video and had to use an existing one. There are also about 3-4 that I have never had access to and was not able to provide a video at all. Hopefully, this will make it easier to hear the sound for any weapon in the game by cross-referencing the sound from the table to the videos. NOTE: I did try adding them to the Weapon Sounds page, but it slowed the page down too much.