TOR Fashion – Slow Loading and Time Outs

For some time, TOR Fashion has had a lot of trouble with slow loading and time outs. Even switching to a more expensive server with more memory hasn’t helped. I can’t afford to pay even more than the $475 a month I am paying now, so something had to give. The problems stem from me trying to present information to you as completely as possible instead of requiring you to look it up yourself.

There are three things bogging down the site:

  1. Too many posts grouped together without pagination
  2. Too many categories (2,732)
  3. Too many plugins (third-party code for doing a number of things on the site)

The first thing I did to free up some memory is delete all the Customized set pages. Hundreds of posts per page with no way to paginate due to that not being an option with the plugin I use to group the posts was making it impossible to even view those pages. Now you have categories listed on one page. Just click on any of the listed categories to see the post thumbnails. These are paginated, so you will need to click next page every 100 posts. As always, you can use the Filter located below the menu on the side bar to further filter down your selections.

I did the same thing for the Mount and Pet pages.

Next, I deleted all of the weapon similarity pages except the one that has the datamined list. I have also deleted all the categories associated with the sounds, so they are no longer tied to the posts. There are two reasons why I chose to do this. 1) The information is all in that table and is updated every patch. 2) I was getting a lot of complaints about the information on individual posts being incorrect as the developers changed it in-game.

I also did the same thing for Voice Modulation since I have a datamined table for that info too.

Thirdly, I deleted the forums that no one had been using since I had some trouble getting them to show on the site. This allowed me to delete eight plugins, which also saves me a lot of time in keeping them updated.

I am going to need to delete more than the 159 categories I have deleted so far and I really need to take a look at the Similarity pages to find a way to have less images per page. This will take me some time to come up with options.

EDIT: On 30 Sep, I broke out the Mission Rewards and World Drop pages into individual ones so there are a lot less items on each page and added menu links from the old pages to the new ones.