TOR Fashion – Site Optimization

EDIT (11 Dec 18): The table plugin is causing the issues to pop up again. I had to disable it, so all of the complex tables have stopped working. I’ll see what I can do to get everything working properly again.

With some advice from @gamer_lady, I’ve made some changes to site that have sped it up some and stopped the 404 errors when using the search bar. Please let me know if you are still having issues with that. TOR Fashion is still slower than the other sites, but it’s getting better. I’ve also started optimizing images again. I used to have a plugin that would do it automatically when someone upload an image, but the plugin cost me $500 / year and kept timing out the forms, so I got rid of it. I’ve finished 2017 and 2018 and am slowly working my way through 2016. With over 165,000 images on the site, this is saving a significant amount of space and speeds up page loading considerably.

Some of the other changes include:

  • Preventing deeplinking (linking directly to an image rather than the post) – this helps save bandwidth
  • New caching and optimizing plugins – these do a lot of combining CSS and JavaScript files so it takes less time for them to load
  • Deleting or changing to newer plugins – plugin authors stop supporting their plugins all the time. cleaning these up helps keep the site running better when WordPress pushes updates that aren’t compatible with older plugins

I’m going to continue looking for ways to tweak the settings to speed things up. It would help considerably if you would upload JPGs versus PNGs (smaller files) and web optimized images if you have the ability.