TOR Fashion Request for Images

A lot of people are doing older content to obtain strongholds decorations and I would like to put a request out that if you happen to get some of the Flashpoints and Mission Rewards armor and weapons, we are still missing a lot of those sets. Also, many of the images we do have were submitted prior to Patch 1.3 when BioWare added items (usually head, hands, and boots) to those sets.

Here are links to the pages for Flashpoints and Missions Rewards armor and weapons so you can see which sets we still don’t have pages for. If you click on the thumbnails, you can also see whether or not we have current images for both genders.

Flashpoints Armor

Flashpoints Weapons

Mission Rewards Armor

Mission Rewards Weapons

NOTE: I’ve tried to add all of the sets/weapons I could discover to the pages, but it is probable I’ve missed some.

I’d also like to thank Bersak/Brylan/Tachur of The Red Eclipse and Shtik of Tomb of Freedon Nadd for submitting several of these sets recently.