TOR Fashion – Prolific Posters Page

I made some slight changes to the Prolific Posters page. To fully understand the changes, you need to know how the prolific posters are set up. Each prolific post gets a page which shows all of their posts and a category that ties all of their posts together.

Pages show all of the prolific poster’s posts, can be updated with biographical or character information, and have a like button. Categories only show the posts. Here is an example of my page and my category.

Table of Contents

Most Liked

The top of the page shows the most liked prolific posters. This is tied to the categories, not the individual pages. You must like a prolific poster’s page (in one of the tabs) to change these numbers. Clicking on one of these links will only take you to the category.


Each individual prolific poster page also shows their most liked posts.

Side Bar

The side bar for the Prolific Poster page now shows all of the prolific poster categories with the number of posts for each prolific poster. Clicking on one of these links will take you to the category, not the page. These numbers will not update until I add your prolific poster category to your new post.


All Tab

The All tab shows a complete listing of all prolific poster’s pages without the associated posts underneath like on the other tabs. You can click on any of these links to like a prolific poster’s page. If you would like to change the Featured Image or add any biographical information to your page, send me a contact message with the image or text. The image must be 150 x 150 px and cannot break the site terms of service.