TOR Fashion – Non-Moddable Armor Pieces

With the new Outfit Designer coming to SWTOR (Game Update 3.2), you will be able to use any armor to change your appearance. Since we only included moddable armor on TOR Fashion, we are seriously lacking in white, green, and blue armor items.

We are going to do things a little differently with the non-moddable armor and create a database of individual items instead of full sets. This will make it easier to submit items since you don’t need to find the full set and easier to find specific looks for a particular armor slot.

We need your help. If you have items in your Cargo Hold you’ve been holding on to because you like the look or you’re doing some leveling and come across some interesting items, please Submit them. I am going to start working on getting images of items from some of the low level vendors.

Here is what I am envisioning for the pages so far:

Armor Vendors

Specialty Goods Vendors

World Drops

Similar Items

NOTE: You won’t see these show up on the front page because I don’t want them to push new items off the front page. Check back on the above pages once a day to see new updates.