TOR Fashion – New Pages

Similar Sounding

Apparently, there are a lot more lightsaber sounds than I had assumed. /u/swtor_miner  brought that to my attention in a round about way, so I’ve built similar sounding pages for the rest of the weapons and updated all of the posts. Please let me know if I missed updating any.

Here are the new pages:

Double-bladed Lightsabers / Lightsabers


Techblades / Tech Staffs


These are the pages that I built some time ago:

Assault Cannons

Blaster Pistols

Blaster Rifles

Sniper Rifles

Unusual Lightsaber Blades

/u/swtor_miner posted on reddit a list of the lightsabers that have a different lightsaber blade than standard, so I tagged the individual posts with that information and created a page to show all of them.

Collections Unlock Costs

I built this a couple weeks ago, but didn’t put it on the side bar. This page shows the account unlock costs of everything in collections. There are a still few items I don’t know the costs for (mostly color crystals), so if you happen to know I’d appreciate that info.