TOR Fashion – Multi Category Filter

EDIT: It’s working again and the “None” option has been removed. I will update the guide once I have time. Update 4.4 is going to keep me busy today.

The multi category filter is currently not working. I have a developer making changes to the widget and it was implemented before it was working properly. The requested changes are:

  1. Deleting the box next to categories that don’t have a post tagged with it. This will prevent people from using that category during a search, which would return no items.
  2. Adding a drop down to the filter so you can choose “All,” “Any,” or “None.” Right now when you use the filter, it is set to “All.” It returns only those posts tagged with all of the categories you choose. Picking “Any” will give you posts tagged with any of the categories picked. “None” will give you any post not tagged with that category. You will need to choose a lot of categories to get this one to work properly, so I am going to have them delete that choice.

I will update this post once the filter is working again.