TOR Fashion – Jay Asher Ban

Yesterday Jay Asher, who has frequently gotten into altercations with other people in the comments of the site, commented this in response to someone asking him to post his gear:

“Sorry this site is half broken, Pretty sure the owner has little to no clue about web development, programing, cms, or connecting databases. So once whoever helped him stopped nothin works so it gets annoying when I have to take screen shots and type down everything because the owner can’t keep functions working. Even now I can’t even log in as myself because the CMS is screwed up. ITS JUST WORDPRESS. The cms is made for artists and idiots.

So I started giving up on listening things. And Unless people wanna a screenshot picutre of everyone it gets annoying to have to open the game, the charater and then type everything down EXACTLY because he can’t keep the database syncd with wookie-pedia or whatever site. So There ya go.”

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For most of the site’s history, I’ve been using Disqus to moderate comments. This was something Dulfy set up before I starting working on the site. Frequently, the Disqus ads would cause endless loading and the ad revenue wasn’t very much. I recently deleted it from the sites because I had no control over whether or not ads would show. This means, you will have to fill out a form (or leave it blank to remain anonymous) to leave your name on your comments. Note that logging into Disqus never logged you into the site, only into Disqus.

For a year or so, TOR Fashion had forums. You were able to create an account, log into the site, and leave comments on the forums. After a period of downtime, it didn’t get used much. So in 2017, I deleted the forums and everyone (except for a couple people who help me with the sites) lost the ability to log into the site. You never had the ability to access posts or the backend. Only the forums. I deleted all of the forum accounts after I took the forums down.


For a period of time, the character submission form on TOR Fashion was linked to SWTORData and items would automatically populate the gear fields as soon as you started typing. This never worked really well. SWTOR Data’s API was restricted to 50 items, and frequently that just wasn’t enough to find what you were looking for. Also, it slowed the form down considerably. You would sometimes have to wait for a long time before it would pull up items. When I switched the sites to a new server last year, I didn’t bother coping over the code to make the API work. It didn’t seem to be worth the trouble since people can type into the fields with no issue and that seemed preferable to long loading times.


Dulfy set up the site on WordPress long before I started working on it. When I started, I had no web development experience and no control over major decisions like switching to another platform. I learned as I went and when I took over from Dulfy, I had a decent handle on how to manipulate themes and plugins. I don’t have any training in PHP or MySQL, so I have to rely on other people’s plugins to do some things on the sites. Occasionally, I’ll chose something that someone decides not to continue supporting and it will break things and require me to make major changes to the sites: eg, Likes, CGView. I’ve started relying more on the plugins developed by the theme creator or WordPress creators, so I know things will work properly and will continue to be supported. It’s been a long learning curve. Also, WordPress may have been created for bloggers, but it has expanded exponentially from there.

Terms of Service

The sites have a pretty robust Terms and Conditions. This has stemmed mostly from me continuously needing to add caveats to the terms when people are being jerks. Generally, I let people get away with a lot in the comments because the automatic comment filtering deletes anything from a list of blacklisted words. Occasionally, someone gets nasty. I tell those people to find another site and sometimes I have to ban them all together.


The TOS applies to comments made towards me as well as users of the site. This site is completely free. I make a pittance compared to the time I spend working on it. Since you don’t pay, you’re not my customers. But if you politely ask, I will do whatever I can to implement your requests. If you are rude, you will get banned.

I have had to deal directly with Jay Asher on a number of issues. When his comments would get automatically trashed by the comment filter for swearing, he would complain vociferously to me about it. He’s gotten into more than one fight with other commentators. This comment was the last straw. I have no patience for people dissing me when I am providing this service for free. If you don’t like it, use something else. I’ve banned Jay Asher for life and deleted all of his posts and comments.


I’m a woman.