TOR Fashion / Decorating – 5.0 Updates

Last Upate: 28 Jan 17. Here is a running list of what I have been working on for the TOR Fashion / TOR Decorating 5.0 Updates. Please let me know if I am missing anything. Once I get these complete, I’ll update guides, as needed.

TOR Fashion

Advanced Class Missions: The weapons received during the advanced class missions are now BoL. D. Rose has been working on these.

Crew Skills:

Deep Orange and Light BlueWhite and Light Brown

Dark vs Light: Posts are complete, but I still need in-games images of

Dark v Light Event: D. Rose sent in everything up to Legendary level. Thanks to Hagenbuch for sending in the Legendary items.

Galactic Command: I could really use help from the community with this one. The RNG nature of the drops makes it impossible for me to collect everything myself. It’s frustrating that the cosmetic armor can’t be sold on the GTN. I am slowly working through Tier 2 on a Shadow.

ItemTier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Premium Armor
Premium Weapons
Prototype Armor
Prototype Weapons
Artifact Armor (Schematic)
Artifact Weapons (Schematic)X
Artifact Armor
Artifact Weapons
Legendary ArmorN/A
Legendary WeaponsN/A
Cosmetic ArmorXXX
Cosmetic WeaponsXXX

KotET Missions – Need to run all four classes through KotET

Level 65 Starter Armor: D. Rose finished these.

Oppressor Pack: Complete

Starter Planets: The starter planets have been retooled to drop new gear appropriate to advanced classes. D. Rose has finished these.

Subscriber Rewards: Complete

Uprisings: Complete

World Drops: D. Rose finished these.

TOR Decorating

Dark vs Light: Need images of

  • Banner: Dark Side (Style 1)
  • Banner: Dark Side (Style 2)
  • Banner: Light Side (Style 1)
  • Banner: Light Side (Style 2)

Oppressor Pack: Complete, other than unable to find Imperial Logo Hologram

Uprisings: Complete