TOR Fashion – Database Links (Updated)

We are very excited to announce we will be switching all of the Torhead and Ask Mr Robot links to the new SWTOR database, SWTOR Data, as soon as it is fully up and running! /u/swtor_conquest has graciously agreed to set up a script that will switch all of the old links over to SWTOR Data automatically. This may require a bit of downtime on the server, but we’ll let you know if we need to do that.

We will also set it up that all new Customized set posts will automatically link to SWTOR Data.

NOTE: SWTOR Data is still in beta, so I’m not exactly sure when we will have everything switched over on TOR Fashion and TOR Decorating.

Since both Ask Mr Robot and Torhead have decided to no longer support SWTOR, we will be unable to continue posting database links to armor and weapon items on TOR Fashion. The AMR links on older sets are already not working. The Torhead links on newer sets and all customized sets will stop working as soon as they bring the site down. Since it will take an enormous amount of time to delete all of the links, it won’t be a priority.

For TOR Decorating, the links to resources will stop working on the crafting guides.