TOR Fashion – Customized Sets Changes

Over the last few days, I’ve cleaned up the Customized Sets and made some changes to the way they are organized.

Table of Contents

New Sidebar

All Customized Sets and pages associated with Customized Sets now have a different sidebar than the front page and database posts. The changes include a separate filter for searching only on  Customized Sets and stats related to the Customized Sets .


I went through and tagged every single post with new categories to help with filtering. The new filters include being able to search by gender, faction, server, and body type. NOTE: Since body type wasn’t something we asked for until very recently, not all of the posts have been tagged. You can help populate this page by making a body type suggestion in the comments section of a post.


I broke up the individual class customized set pages by gender so the pages aren’t just a big jumble of all the posts.


I added Faction and Body Type to the Customized Set Submission Form so the form will automatically add those filters to the posts.


If you have any suggestions about how to organize the sets better, please let me know.