TOR Fashion – Corrective Actions

Today I took steps to delete all posts from a single user due to repeated violations of the Terms of Service. I had previously attempted to contact the offender, but my message was rejected and the violations have continued. Another user pointed out to me that I had been too lenient in allowing these violations to continue. In the future, I will be more proactive in making sure to immediately delete any posts that contain material that break the Terms of Service instead of just deleting the offending images. As a reminder:

  • Do NOT upload any images of someone else’s character unless they give you express permission to do so and you can prove it.
  • Do NOT upload images taken from any source other than in-game unless you cite the source of the image appropriately. Any image not taken from in-game is subject to take-down requests from the owner of the image and this site will comply.
  • Do NOT submit or alter the images in a way that would make them NSFW. This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Strategically covered nudity
    • Sheer or see-through clothing
    • Lewd or provocative poses
    • Close-ups of breasts, buttocks, or crotches
  • Do NOT use offensive or derogatory names for your character or yourself.
  • Do NOT swear on your post submission or in the comments.
  • Do NOT upload images or make comments that pertain to anything illegal or are intended to portray dehumanizing acts, ie., pedophilia, rape, abuse, etc.