TOR Fashion Contest Results

The contest was much more successful that we could have ever dreamed. As of this post, we have increased the number of Customized Sets on TOR Fashion by 50%. The codes have already gone out to the winners, so if you didn’t receive yours please check your spam filter and then contact us if you didn’t get it.

Table of Contents

Most Upvoted Posts

Contest Most Liked Post Results

Winner – Most Upvoted Female Character

Tallonne – The Progenitor by Sisqi with 166 votes

Talon leather rage Tallonne The Progenitor Talon leather action Tallonne The Progenitor

Winner – Most Upvoted Male Character

Alec Fortescue – Tomb of Freedon Nadd by Alec Fortescue with 65 votes

rookie Alec Fortescue Tomb of Freedon Nadd flourish Alec Fortescue Tomb of Freedon Nadd

Winner – Dulfy’s Pick

Impalia – The Progenitor by Jel

Really sleek outfit, befitting of the agent class. Love the color combinations as well. I would have replaced the green part with some red maybe but that is a personal preference. – Dulfy


Winner – Exile’s Pick

Malakili – Begeren Colony by Xeta

When I was writing up notes on each submission, this one said “love, love, love this!!” Based on the rancor keeper from Return of the Jedi, Malakili, it immediately evokes memories of seeing the movie for the first time and reminds me how much I love the Star Wars universe. – Exile



Total Number of Submissions 475
Chance of a Post Winning 0.63%
Number of Prolific Posters Added 17
Most Prolific Poster (for the contest) Powerhead – 12 submissions
Most Prolific Server The Harbinger (84)

Class Female Male Total
Inquisitor 39 32 71
Agent 21 23 44
Warrior 27 46 73
Hunter 27 33 60
Consular 30 27 57
Smuggler 16 25 41
Knight 31 48 79
Trooper 14 28 42
Companion 6 2 8
Total 211 264 475

Other Favorites

We could only give out four Cartel Coin Cards, but we wanted to highlight a few of the other sets we really liked. I am going to need to do a post about submissions of characters outside of SWTOR because there are so many I love but couldn’t include them all here. EDIT: I’m working on the page and could use help identifying all the sets.

A’Jax – Jedi Covenant by JRWCarter

The bulkiness and the color combos are everything you would expect from a trooper. The jacket put a different spin. – Dulfy


Fay’ora – The Harbinger by Ritha

I love how everything in this set comes together. The metallic style definitely brings out the traditional images of a knight. – Dulfy


Shinzu Saito – Vanjervalis Chain by Kinnan

I love the color scheme and the simplicity of this outfit. – Exile


Tyrexx – Tomb of Freedon Nadd by Tyrexx

This was an early submission and the first to really make me say “Wow!” I love how bad ass this gunslinger looks. – Exile


Shmoleman’s Malavi Quinn – The Bastion

I can never get enough of Quinn bashing. This one made me laugh out loud. – Exile