TOR Fashion – 5 Year Anniversary

May marks the 5th anniversary since TOR Fashion was launched. Back in April 2012, Dulfy came up with the idea to start a site showcasing all of the moddable sets Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) had to offer. She got together with Vee of Ask Mr Robot and launched TOR Fashion in May 2012 with about 200 armor sets. The idea was for the community to help by submitting images of the sets they had collected and eventually open it up to people to submit their characters. Unfortunately, it was more work than expected and Dulfy couldn’t keep up with both TOR Fashion and

On January 13, 2013, I posted a comment on the site asking if I could help out. Dulfy agreed and I took over. I’m sure she regretted that decision several times over as I broke the site repeatedly over the next few weeks. Eventually, I figured out (for the most part) what I was doing and was able to clear the backlog of submissions that had accumulated over the past several months.

I can’t even begin to imagine how I had the energy to work on the site as much as I did while working 50 hours a week and taking a full-load of online classes, but somehow I was able to finish the moddable armor sets available at the time. Then I opened the site up for character submissions and expanded it to include weapons, mounts, pets, emotes, toys, dyes, etc.

In November 2013, Dulfy handed the ownership of the site to me, but she still has admin privileges and occasionally posts new items (though she works more on TOR Decorating than TOR Fashion these days). We collaborated on ESO Fashion and then I came up with the idea to create MMO Fashion as an overarching site to tie the two sites together. We continue to work together on launching new sites and then I take over maintaining them.

You can see a list of people who have helped with the site over the years on our About page, but I would like to thank D. Rose specifically. Over the last two years, she has submitted nearly 1,200 items to the site. She also frequently checks my work and makes changes when I screw up. I am astounded at how dedicated she is to keeping TOR Fashion up-to-date for no recompense.

Without Dulfy’s vision, none of the Fashion sites would exist. Without user’s support, none of the Fashion sites would still be up and running. THANK YOU to everyone who has supported TOR Fashion over the years. We could not do this without you.



  • Total Number of Posts: 12,056
  • Total Number of Pages: 191
  • Total Number of Images: 152,092
  • Number of Characters: 5,808
  • Number of Armor Posts: 2,945
  • Number of Weapon Posts: 1,853
  • Number of Mounts: 500
  • Number of Pets: 292