TOR Decorating – Themes

I’ve added some additional filters for TOR Decorating to group decorations by theme. You can find new pages on the Menu under Decorations, By Theme or by using the Filter on the side bar. I also moved Interactive under this section.

If you have suggestions for other categories for a particular item, please let me know in the comments. I haven’t traveled out to every single planet looking for decorations, so I’m sure I missed some things.

Table of Contents


I grouped decorations by colors to make it easier to find something when you are doing a specific color scheme in one of your stronghold rooms.


This page shows decorations grouped by some of the different organizations in the game, including Empire, Jedi, Republic, and Sith.


This page shows all of the interactive decorations listed alphabetically. You can use the filter on the side bar to narrow down your search to specific items by choosing multiple categories (eg, interactive + technological).


This page groups decorations by items that you can find on the different planets/moons. NOTE: I did not include the low level planets. You can find those items on the Groups page.

  • Hutta = Hutts
  • Korriban = Sith
  • Ord Mantell = Separatists
  • Tython = Jedi
  • Coruscant = Republic
  • Dromund Kaas = Empire


This page includes decorations grouped by categories not appropriate for the other pages, including specific room types like a cantina/casino or medical bay.