TOR Decorating PTS Updates

We’ve been absolutely swamped with the 2.9 updates on the PTS so haven’t been able to post the latest changes until now. Dulfy and I are still working on getting screenshots of all the decorating items on TOR Decorating. SWTOR_Miner sent me a list and there’s over 1100 on it, so this is taking some time. Of course, a good portion of those are Companions, Mounts, and Pets, which I am not going to do a separate TOR Decorating post for since we already have them on TOR Fashion. Also, many of the trophies have multiple versions, but we’re only doing one post for each boss with pictures of each mode.

Crafting Prefabs /  Dark Projects

I did up a Crafting Prefabs / Dark Projects guide to give you an idea of the mats required to craft decorations.

Stronghold Packs

My goal for today is to finish putting the Stronghold Pack previews on TOR Fashion. Not all of the items are available yet, but quite a few of the first pack.