TOR Decorating Guides

The Ask Mr Robot tooltips for crafting materials weren’t very helpful, so I’ve been updating all of the guides on TOR Decorating with the Torhead links instead. Unfortunately, I discovered Torhead will only let you pull 50 tooltips per page. While, that restriction hasn’t broken the tooltips on any of the guides, it did break the icons. So, /u/swtor_miner sent me all of the crafting materials icons and taught me how to use a spritesheet to make them load faster.

In addition, I re-did the tables so that they scale better and  can be sorted/searched. For the Crafting Prefabs/Dark Materials / War Supplies Guide, I combined some tables into one so that you didn’t have to spend so much time scrolling. I haven’t added the icons into that page or the Total Crafting Material Costs and am wondering if anyone thinks there is a great need for that. You can stills see the icons when you hover over the Torhead link.

And just in case you had no idea TOR Decorating had any guides on it, here is a full list. Please let me know if there is another guide you’d like to see added to TOR Decorating.

Table of Contents


Crafting Prefabs / Dark Projects War Supplies

This guide shows information on how to craft Prefabs, Dark Projects and War Supplies and the materials needed.

Total Crafting Material Costs

This guide shows example tables for how many materials it costs to craft Universal Prefabs and Dark Project MK-1s and how much time it takes to craft.

Resource Node Material Yields

This guide shows what materials the utility crafting decorations yield since some of them aren’t easily apparent.

Where to Find Crafting Materials

This guide is intended to show every crafting material in the game and how to obtain it.


Donating Decorations to Guilds

This guide shows how you can donate a decoration to your guild.

How to Place Decorations

This guide is a primer for placing decorations and an explanation of the hook system.

Stronghold Titles

This is a list of the known Stronghold Ttitles and a guide on how to change your Stronghold’s title.

Stronghold Vendors & NPCs

This is a list of all the vendors and NPCs that you can interact with to either purchase/view a stronghold or obtain decorations from.