Theme and Organization Changes

I’ve been working on some theme and organization changes over the last few months that I’ll start implementing over the next couple weeks. This will be a gradual process rather than me trying to do everything at once. Please be patient with the changes and let me know if you have any questions.

Table of Contents

New Theme

EDIT: Complete

The current theme is responsive, but tends to compress information vertically. The new theme will incorporate your entire screen size, automatically re-sizing as your browser changes. On mobile, you might not see much difference, but on desktops more information will be presented horizontally taking advantage of the larger screen size.

Changed Front Page

EDIT: This isn’t working as intended for some reason and will require a lot more work. You can access the menu on mobile by clicking the blue lines on the left side of the page. You may have to turn your screen sideways to see those blue lines.

Newest Character/Stronghold Submissions will move from the front page into its own page to allow for more submissions and to make room for button menus. These button menus will make it easier for mobile users to access information since menus will no longer be visible on mobile devices at all. Hopefully, it will also make it easier to browse the site. Newest database updates will remain on the front page, but you’ll have to scroll to see them.

I know this will be a pain for users who like to see the latest submissions on the front page, but the button for Newest Submissions will be near the top and this will make things a lot easier for mobile users. I needed to weigh convenience for desktop users versus accessibility for mobile users and accessibility won out.


EDIT: Complete

All sites are moving to SSL, meaning you will need to type https:// rather than just http:// to access the site and individual posts/pages (there will be automatic forwarding for this). SSL gives you a visual indicator on your browser that you’re accessing the correct site and helps to protect your personal information.