SWTOR – Star Cluster’s Nightlife Pack

The Star Cluster’s Nightlife Pack was released 10 Jun 14.


Ajunta Pall

Ajunta Pall - Female FrontAjunta Pall - Male Front

Ceremonial Mystic

Ceremonial Mystic - Female FrontCeremonial Mystic - Male Front

Enhanced Assailant

Enhanced Assailant - Female FrontEnhanced Assailant - Male Front

Euphoric Corellian

Euphoric Corellian - Female FrontEuphoric Corellian - Male Front

Mandalore the Ultimate

Mandalore the Ultimate - Female FrontMandalore the Ultimate - Male Front

Nimble Brawler

Nimble Brawler - Female FrontNimble Brawler - Male Front

Revered Seer

Revered Seer - Female FrontRevered Seer - Male Front

Tulak Hord

Tulak Hord - Female FrontTulak Hord - Male Front


XoXaan - Female FrontXoXaan - Male Front


BL-28 Blaster

BL-28 BlasterBL-28-Blaster

BL-28 Blaster Rifle

BL-28 Blaster RifleBL-28-Blaster-Rifle

BL-28 Sniper Rifle

BL-28 Sniper RifleBL-28-Sniper-Rifle

EL-34 Rotary Plasma Cannon

EL-34 Plasma Cannon[3]EL-34-Plasma-Cannon[3]

Exquisite Champion’s Dualsaber

Exquisite Champion's Dualsaber

Exquisite Champion’s Lightsaber

Exquisite Champion's Lightsaber


Corellian Stardrive Stealth

Corellian Stardrive Stealth - Right

Dathomir Rancor

Dathomir Rancor - Front

Ikas XK-9

Ikas XK-9 Side[3]

Irakie Vulture

Irakie Vulture Side[3]

Tropical Orobird

Tropical Orobird Front

Vectron TM-22 Volo

Vectron TM-22 Volo - Side[3]


Masked Lobel

Masked Lobel Front[3]

Model B-5 Decimus

Model B-5 Decimus Side

Model Formal Balloon

Model Formal Balloon Front

Model FT-7B Clarion

Model FT-7B Clarion Side[3]

Color Crystal

Pink Magenta

Pink Magenta w Bloom[3]Pink Magenta no Bloom[3]


C2-N2 Crimson Advanced Recon HK


Light Brown and Pale Gray

Light Brown and Pale Gray[3]

Dark Orange and Light Brown

Dark Orange and Light Brown[3]

Primary Dark Gray

Primary Dark Gray[3]