SWTOR – Patch 2.7

Patch 2.7 is up on the PTS with a tentatively scheduled release of 8 Apr. It took a couple days to get everything posted to TOR Fashion, but I believe it’s all up now. (Click on the images to go to the actual posts.)

EDIT: Missed a pet from Dread Fortress and the PvP Season One Rewards are up now.

Dread Master/Dread Touched PvE Armor

The Dread Master armor sets are the new mid-tier drops (tokens) from Dread Fortress/Dread Palace NiM with armor rating 186 and AMR rating 81. The sets are animated versions of the Dread Forged sets.


The Dread Touched armor sets are the equivalent sets without a set bonus that drop directly from DF/DP NiM. I’ve only seen one piece so far, but from what I can tell the sets will be identical to the Oriconian (white) sets.

Dread Master PvE Weapons

The Dread Master weapons are also animated and look like enhanced versions of the Dread Forged weapons.


Brutalizer PvP Amor

The Brutalizer PvP armor will be the new tier available from the Ranked PvP Vendor with armor rating 162 and AME rating 69. Obroan will move to the Warzone PvP Vendor and Conqueror will be retired. The sets look like darker versions of the Obroan sets.

Brutalizer Agent - Male Close[3]Brutalizer Trooper - Female Close[3]

Brutalizer PvP Weapons

The Brutalizer weapons look like silver versions of the Dread Master weapons without the special effects (except the sabers and sniper rifle).

Brutalizer Blaster Pistol[3]Brutalizer Lightsaber[3]

Assault on Tython/Korriban Incursion

There are two new tactical flashpoints available on the Outbound Mission Deck from Fleet.  The intro quest, Forged Alliances, to the flashpoints (available on the main deck) rewards a BoP HK-51 Assault customization. Each faction receives a different version.

Imperial Assault HK Close[3]Republic Assault HK Close[3]

A vendor outside of the flashpoints sells two sets of armor, Tattered Mystic and Tattered Ritualist, which are based on the retired Battlemaster sets for Consulars. They are purchased with Recovered Relics (dropped from final boss) and the chestpiece comes in two different versions, hooded and not hooded.

Tattered Mystic - Female Close Cowled[3]Tattered Ritualist - Male Clsoe[3]

Within the flashpoints, each boss has a chance of dropping two different pets, Goldplate Mewvorr and Heartglow Mewvorr, as well as a Korrealis mount specific to each faction, Imperial Korrealis KL-9Z-SE and Republic Korrealis KL-8A-SE.



Dread Fortress/Dread Palace

The Deepcrest Subteroth drops from DF NiM – Commander Draxus. Wings of the Architect drops from DF NiM – Brontes.


PvP Season One Rewards

The PvP Season Rewards are available on the PTS now. We are still working on getting images of all the sets. The Victorious armor sets and weapons are re-colorings of the Dread Master sets with purple animations (armor) and no AMEs.