SWTOR – Class-Specific Orange Sets

This is a new category of posts for MMO Fashion. Since we start playing at launch or pre-launch for the games we fully cover, I thought it would be cool to occasionally do a history post about different aspects of the game. This post covers the class-specific random drop orange sets in SWTOR.

When SWTOR launched, it was very difficult to find orange belts and bracers to mod until you got to end game. In fact, Dulfy did up a post about it back in February 2012. There were several reasons for this:

  • The Cartel Market didn’t exist
  • Early crafted sets didn’t include moddable belts and bracers
  • Low level commendation vendors didn’t sell moddable belts and bracers
  • Moddable belts and bracers didn’t exist for low level flashpoint and mission rewards
  • There was no adaptive gear.
  • All armor was restricted to a specific armor weight, often to a specific class or two.

The exception to this was the class-specific random drop sets. There were three for each class with an additional three sets intended for marauders and sentinels (because of the armor weight differences between Marauders/Sentinels and Juggernauts/Guardians). The lowest level chest piece was a quest reward for the Gree quest line on Coruscant and the Revanite quest line on Dromund Kaas. The lowest level leg pieces were rewards from the Taris/Balmorra bonus series. All other pieces were random drops, found more often in heroic instances. These weren’t easy to find and getting your hands on the belt or bracers for your class was a pain, but worth it.

 Level 9-27Level 34-40Level 41-50
Bounty HunterTD-17A Imperator - Female Thumb
TD-17A Imperator
RD-17A Hellfire - Female Thumb
RD-17A Hellfire
TT-17A Hydra - Male Thumb
TT-17A Hydra
Imperial AgentTD-07A Panther - Male Thumb
TD-07A Panther
TD-07A Scorpion - Male Thumb
TD-07A Scorpion
RD-07A Vendetta - Male Thumb
RD-07A Vendetta
Jedi ConsularOmenbringer Thumb
Voidmaster - Female Thumb
Force Magister - Female Thumb
Force Magister
Jedi GuardianBattle Expulsor Thumb
Battle Expulsor
Jedi Myrmidon - Female Thumb
Jedi Myrmidon
Jedi Battlelord - Male Thumb
Jedi Battlelord
Jedi SentinelBattleborn - Female Thumb
Jedi Avenger Thumb
Jedi Avenger
Jedi Battlelord - Female Thumb
Jedi Stormguard
Sith InquisitorSaber Marshal - Female Thumb
Saber Marshal
Supreme Inquisitor - Male Thumb
Supreme Inquisitor
Grand Inquisitor - Male Thumb
Grand Inquisitor
Sith JuggernautBlade Tyrant Thumb
Blade Tyrant
Sith Archon - Male Thumb
Sith Archon
Sith Champion - Male Thumb
Sith Champion
Sith MarauderBladestorm Thumb
Sith Archon - Female Thumb
Sith Avenger
Sith Champion - Female Thumb
Sith Annihilator
SmugglerRD-07A Spider - Male Thumb
RD-07A Spider
RD-07A Viper - Male Thumb
RD-07A Viper
TD-07A Blackguard - Male Thumb
TD-07A Blackguard
TrooperTD-17A Talon - Female Thumb
TD-17A Talon
RD-17A Phalanx - Female Thumb
RD-17A Phalanx
TD-17A Colossus - Female Thumb
TD-17A Colossus

Unfortunately, they didn’t implement the Marauder and Sentinel sets properly. For the lowest level set, I never found more than the chest and legs. The other two sets were not available at all. (I used the heavy sets to create the posts since the icons show they are identical).

Starting with 4.0, the Gree and Revanite quest lines and Balmorra/Taris bonus series no longer reward the lowest level chest pieces and leg pieces, but a couple people have told me they are available as random drops. Since class quests now provide enough experience to level without doing the side quests, these pieces aren’t often available on the GTN and I haven’t been able to verify that.

The styles of the sets are available on a variety of different sets from crafting, the Cartel Market, heroic mission rewards, and flashpoint drops. They definitely aren’t unique anymore, but swtor_potato datamined that BioWare may be adding legacy versions of these sets to a “social.vendor” in the future.

EDIT: As of 1 Apr 16, most of the sets were added as legacy sets to the Adaptive Vendor (formerly Level 8 Equipment Vendor) on Fleet/Coruscant/Dromund Kaas (PTS 4.4).

I would love to see these as legacy sets because they mean a lot to me personally. I leveled a Shadow at launch and getting my hands on the Voidmaster set so I my character didn’t have to wear a skirt anymore was quite a coup. Also, I got involved with TOR Fashion because I was collecting these sets to send into Dulfy. When she didn’t have time to update the site anymore, I volunteered to take over.

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