Slight Theme Changes

I made some slight theme changes to make it a little easier to view the sites on mobile devices.

Table of Contents

Search Bar

I moved the search bar to the header because mobile devices push the side bar to the bottom of the site. This makes it difficult to find. Also, some pages don’t have a side bar at all, which means you have to find a page that has a side bar to use the search function. I still need to update the guides to reflect the changes.

Google Translate

I moved the Google Translate button to above the side bar. The header search bar covers up the Google Translate button. It now covers up the last item in the top menu buttons instead.


You can now change the filter to search for Any posts instead of All posts. Changing the selection to Any means the filter will return posts that have any of the checked categories rather than only returning posts that have all of the checked categories.

Menu Bar

I changed the background of the menu bar to white. For the longest time I couldn’t figure out why you could see the logo through the menus on mobile devices. That’s fixed now. You also don’t need to turn the device sideways to see the entire menu. I still can’t figure out why there are two drop down buttons for the menus (the top one works).

Front Page

For those sites that have a lot of character submissions (TOR Fashion, BNS Fashion), I added more lines to the Newest Characters section and deleted lines from the Newest Database Updates section. For those sites that I no longer do database updates myself (ArcheAge Fashion, GW2 Fashion, WildStar Fashion), I deleted the Newest Database Updates section and increased the Newest Character section to encompass the whole page. This does not mean there are never database updates, just that the submissions are so rare, there seemed no point in keeping it on the front page.

Tabs vs Accordion

I switched the layout of a few pages on TOR Fashion (mounts, pets), TOR Decorating (floor and wall hooks, operations and vendor decorations), and ESO Fashion (all by Style pages) from tab-style to accordion-style. I only changed pages that had more than two lines of tabs. You have to click the headers to expand the selection and see the thumbnails.