Similarity Pages and Armor Appearance Category Updates

I have just started a massive project to update the similarity pages and armor appearance categories. I’ve wanted to do this for a very long time, but the project is so huge I kept procrastinating on it.

This is what I plan to accomplish over the next couple of months.

  1. Convert all current similarity categories from class-specific ones to set pieces ones. When I first designed the similarity pages, it made sense to group them by class. When adaptive armor and outfit designer were added, this no longer made sense.
  2. Build new item piece similarity pages grouped by style.
  3. Reorganize the existing class similarity pages so they only show sets with class-specific appearances up through level 55 (possibly 60). Once I have done that, those pages will be archived and no longer maintained. They will be available for historic purposes only.
  4. Add similarity codes to all current posts that don’t yet have it (mostly Cartel Market posts and some 4.0 sets where they introduced new sets with slight modifications compared to older sets).
  5. Tag all posts as I go with current and new armor appearance categories to make it easier to find specific items.
  6. Add similarity sections for hands, waist, legs, and feet. This is difficult because none of the first two years of posts have individual images of each item piece. I will not guarantee every post will have this information, but I will do the best I can.
  7. Delete the head similarity section from individual posts (unless it’s only a head item) and only leave the chest similarity section. The reason for this is the posts get quite long with all of those extra thumbnails at the bottom. This causes them to load much slower and it takes forever to scroll down and see the comment section. You will be able to view other similar items on the similarity pages or by clicking on the similarity codes in the header section. Armor similarity codes will look like this:
    • Head: SHXXXX
    • Chest: SCXXXX
    • Hands: SHXXXX
    • Waist: SBXXXX
    • Legs: SLXXXX
    • Feet: SFXXXX
    • Wrists: SWXXXX

I started working on the smuggler page first. Here is what the old page looks like. I am in the process of deleting level 60+ sets, adding the posts I broke up into multiple categories, and changing the category names.

This is what the new Similarity – Chest page looks like with the smuggler sets added to it. Eventually this page will have more tabs as I work through the other classes.

As I went through these sets, I also tagged them with categories under the Armor Appearance section and added some new ones. Now, all of the posts that are similar should be tagged with the most of the same options under Armor Appearance, Chest.

Some of the categories I added include Armband, Bandolier, Button-Down Shirt, Cowl, Goggles, Holster, Padded Collar, Pockets, Striped, and Turtleneck. As I continue to work through the posts, I will continue to add categories. If you have any suggestions for new categories, now would be the time to let me know.

Edit: Here’s what I have completed so far. In addition to the sets already on the class-specific pages, I’ve been updating the KotFE crafted armor, new FP and heroic mission drop armor, and static world drop armor that aren’t already tagged as I complete each class.

Bounty Hunter
Imperial AgentX
Jedi Consular
Jedi KnightX
Sith Inquisitor
Sith WarriorX
Cartel Market