Recent TOR Fashion / TOR Decorating Updates

I was planning to do this yesterday as a one week update to the TOR Fashion Submission Contest, but got a bit sidetracked. So, it’s the one week and half a day update to the contest instead.

TOR Fashion Submission Contest

I would like to start off by saying a few things about commenting on the submissions.

  1. Please be kind. I try to take a light hand with moderating the comments. There are profanity filters set up that automatically hide those comments, but I usually let anything else stand unless people are being outright rude. Try to remember that there are people from all over the world submitting images. Not everyone has the same standards of beauty that you do. You are free to disagree, but please do so in a way that the submitter won’t find offensive. Incredulity that anyone could find something pleasing when you don’t is always going to be offensive. On the other hand, if you are submitting a character that is half dressed, mismatched, or colored uniquely, please remember that the majority of people are not going to like it. Try not to get offended when they say so.
  2. It’s ok to not fill out the armor and dye info. If someone hasn’t indicated which armor pieces and dyes they used, there may be a good reason for it. The French and German servers use different names for items that don’t always translate well. Some people may not be fluent in English. They may not understand the instructions or may not feel comfortable trying to type out the names. Others may not want to share the information because they don’t want multiple characters running around with the same look. Someone might not have been logged into the game when they submitted the post and can’t remember the pieces. Others may not want to take the time to fill in all those boxes. It’s alright to ask people to give the information, but please do so politely.
  3. Please stop attacking the submitters/guild members of the highest upvoted posts. Try to remember there are three ways to win the contest. You’ll get much further by commenting on posts you really like and bringing it to the attention of me and Dulfy than you will by complaining about any perceived unfairness with the upvote system.

Ok, that’s all for my soap box rant. We’ve received over 300 submissions now for the contest. That’s nearly 1/3 of the submissions we had before we started. While I’ve looked at every single submission, they are starting to jumble together a bit for me. Commenting on posts you really like with reasons why will help bring those posts to my attention.

Donating Decorations to Guilds

We were receiving a lot of questions about how to donate decorations to guilds, so I built a guide. Donating is a pretty simple process, but not very intuitive.

Strongholds Vendors & NPCs

We also received a lot of questions about where particular vendors that sell decorations are located, so I did a guide for that too.

Stronghold Titles

Sisqi asked for a list of Stronghold titles. If there are any other guides I can create, please let me know.

Stronghold Submissions

TOR Decorating has a Customized Stronghold Submission form. We’ve already received a handful of submissions and would love to see how your Stronghold is coming along. It’s ok to submit something now and then re-submit at a later date if you’ve made some significant changes. Strongholds are probably never going to be “complete” with new decorations coming out all the time.