Prolific Posters

We’ve offered pages on TOR Fashion and TOR Decorating (though I didn’t implement it very well on TD) for those individuals that have submitted 5 or more Customized Sets/Strongholds to the sites. I spent most of this weekend cleaning up TOR Decorating’s Prolific Posters and adding it to the other sites. I also added a nice feature to each Prolific Poster post that shows all of their submissions.

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How to Become a Prolific Poster

Submit 5 or more Customized Set, Fashion, Housing, or Stronghold submissions to any one of the MMO Fashion sites. You must include a “Submitted by:” name that is the same for all of the posts or I’m not going to realize they are all by the same person.

You can submit the same character as many times as you like, but try to make sure there is a significant change to the set. You can also submit the same Stronghold/Housing more than once. Please make sure you’ve either changed it significantly or are showcasing different sections.

NOTE: I can’t mix and match between TOR Fashion and TOR Decorating. They are separate sites on separate servers and the plugin won’t pull posts from a different site.

What You Get as a Prolific Poster

  • Your own page named after the “Submitted by:” name you used on your posts and your server. It will show linked thumbnails of each of your posts.
  • Each of your posts will also show the linked thumbnails of every post you’ve submitted at the bottom of the post.
  • Your posts will be featured on the Prolific Poster page found on the main menu under Customized.

NOTE: This does not happen automatically when you post your submission. I have to go in and tag your post and add the code for the thumbnails. If I haven’t done this within 24 hours of you submitting your post, use the Contact Form found in the footer of the appropriate page and remind me to update it. Please include the URL to your post that needs to be updated.

If you’ve submitted 5 or more posts and I haven’t added you to the appropriate Prolific Poster page, use the Contact Form in the footer of the site to contact me to request you get added. Please include the URLs of all of your posts.

Prolific Poster Pages