Prolific Posters

I continue to get questions about this from time to time, so I thought I would address it again in a post I can add to the FAQ on each site.

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How to Become a Prolific Poster

Prolific Posters are submitters who have submitted five or more characters/outfits/strongholds to a particular site’s character/stronghold gallery. This means you can submit five separate characters, five outfits on one character, five separate strongholds, five versions of the same stronghold, or five rooms in one or more strongholds.

Note that you must do five separate submissions. Five outfits on one character on one submission does not make you eligible and is highly discouraged because the site and forms are not set up to work that way. Submissions to the visual database do not count. Submissions to multiple sites do not get added together. You must also provide a submitted by name that is consistent across all submissions or I won’t have any idea you submitted more than one post.

It may take me up to 24 hours after you have submitted a post to create your Prolific Poster page or update your post. This is because it is not automatic and I’m not on the computer all of the time. I usually update posts in the morning US Central time. Occasionally I go out of town and will not be able to do updates until I return.

If you’ve submitted five or more posts, it’s been more than 24 hours since you submitted the last one, and I haven’t created your Prolific Poster page yet, use the Contact Form located at the top right of the site you submitted the posts to send me a message. Include the URLs of all your posts so I know which ones to update. If you’ve submitted five or more posts, but didn’t include a submitted by name or used different names, contact me via the contact form. Include the URLs of all your submissions so I know which ones are yours. If I forget to tag one of your posts after you are already a Prolific Poster and it’s been more than 24 hours since you submitted the post, check the side bar to see if I said I would be out of town. If there isn’t a Delayed Updates note, contact me through the contact form and include the URL of the post I missed.

What Do You Get as a Prolific Poster

Prolific Posters get their own page on the site that lists out all of their submissions. Here is an example of my page on TOR Fashion.

I tie each of their submissions together so people can see everything they have posted to the site directly from each post.


Each site has a Prolific Poster page where you can view all of the Prolific Posters on the site and all of the posts they have submitted.


You’ll know your page has been created because a post with the site logo instead of a character will appear on the front page under the Newest Characters/Strongholds section with your name and server.


Links to Prolific Poster Pages

TOR Fashion

TOR Decorating

ESO Fashion

GW2 Fashion

ArcheAge Fashion – no one has met the requirements yet

WildStar Fashion

BNS Fashion

BDO Fashion – no one has met the requirements yet

TERA Fashion