MMO Fashion – Broken CGVIEW Code / Mobile Issues

Current as of: 13 Jun 19

The latest theme update permanently broke the plugin I’ve been using to display post thumbnails. Technically the plugin works, but it breaks everything for mobile among other issues. I’ve turned it off for every site. Please bear with me as I slowly work through replacing the code on every post/page. Let me know if you see any broken code on pages not listed below.

Need to Finish:

  • ArcheAge Fashion – complete
  • BDO Fashion – Similarity section on posts and individual Prolific Poster posts
  • BNS Fashion – Similarity section on posts and individual Prolific Poster posts
  • Destiny 2 Fashion – Similarity section on posts
  • ESO Fashion – Individual Prolific Poster posts
  • ESO Motifs – complete (code not used on site)
  • FO76 Fashion – complete (code not used on site)
  • GW2 Fashion – complete
  • MMO Fashion – complete (code not used on site)
  • TOR Decorating – Similarity section on posts and individual Prolific Poster posts
  • TOR Fashion –
    • The current plan is to combine TOR Fashion and TOR Decorating into one site: This will allow me to start fresh and get rid of years of bad code, combine the two SWTOR sites into one, upgrade to a newer way of presenting information, and make the post featured images bigger. I estimate it will take me 8 months to a year to move everything over to the new site.
    • I am going to start with the Cartel Market items first because that’s the largest group of items and it allows me to create the post templates for every kind of item. I won’t move over the Customized characters and Strongholds until everything else is done. I’m also not planning to fix the broken pages on TOR Fashion. There isn’t a good way to fix them and I’d rather spend my time moving everything over to the new site.
    • I’m just getting started, but you can see how to posts will look different. I won’t be putting links to other sites for each item because it’s a pain in the rear to have to keep changing out those.
    • I’ll be building in search pages rather than presenting information the way it’s on the old site. For instance, the Cartel Market search page won’t show all the pictures, you’ll have to choose what you want displayed.

Until I get the Similarity sections complete, you can click on the 4-5 letter code (ie. BP06) in the categories at a top of the post to see the similar items.

NOTE: I’m not a website developer. I am a gamer who takes in-game screenshots and uses tools other people have developed to share them with others. Often an update for one tool breaks another and I have to find a workaround. This can take some time, especially since I don’t really know what I’m doing. It’s all trial and error.

The sites¬† make just enough money to cover the server fees, website tools, and in-game currency required to purchase all these items. I can’t afford to hire someone to fix issues when they pop up. Please be patient with me. I know it sucks when something you are accustomed to using stops working properly. There are no needs for insults. Insulting me makes me less and less enthusiastic to even bother working on the sites at all.

For those of you that have asked about the issues and been really polite, thank you very much. You’re the reason I’m willing to manually update tens of thousands of code.