MMO Fashion – How to Contact

Here’s a guide on the best ways to contact me if you need something done on one of the sites or noticed that something is wrong. If you use any of these methods, you will only be contacting me. I handle all contacts and updates for the MMO Fashion sites. If you are specifically looking to contact Dulfy about something not related to an MMO Fashion site, please contact her at her site (

Table of Contents

Contact Form

If you need something updated or changed, you have a suggestion, or you noticed a mistake on one of the sites use the Contact Form located at the top right of every page (main menu for MMO Fashion). This sends me an email that I have automatically tagged with the site name and flagged as important.

Use the Contact Form associated with the site, so I know which site you are talking about. If you need me to update a particular post, include the URL of the post so I know which post to update. I get a lot of emails and requests every day and I’m not psychic. Only use the MMO Fashion Contact Form for issues dealing with all of the sites or if you are requesting that we add a new site.

Don’t send something new that needs to be added (either character or visual database item) through a Contact Form. It won’t capture the information I need to create the post and I will be stumbling around trying to figure out how to tag it. Use the proper submission form instead.

Submission Forms

If you want to add something to the site that isn’t already there, use a submission form. There are two for every site (except the lite sites, which don’t have a visual database and no need for a submission form for one), one to submit your character and one for the visual database. They are located on the main menu under Submit. The forms are set up to capture all of the information needed to create a post.

Make sure to include as much information as you can when submitting something to the visual database. I don’t get the chance to play through every game, so I might not know all the intricacies of the game. Also, the visual database is for unaltered items. Don’t submit dyed items to the database unless you are submitting the undyed item and also want to show how it dyes.


Comments don’t work very well for getting me to change something on the site. While I get an email for every comment on every site, they add up pretty quickly and I miss things. I realize it’s a lot easier for you to just type a quick comment than it is to fill out a form, but if you really want me to change something, send a Contact Form. I’m much more likely to see it and we can have a conversation if I have questions. It’s difficult to do that in the comments section.

Don’t send a pic in the comments. The email I receive when someone comments doesn’t include any images. I won’t even know you submitted anything and I don’t get all the information I need to create the post anyway.

Social Media

If you want to get my attention, the best way is to use the Contact Form on the applicable MMO Fashion website. Twitter sends me an email when someone tweets the accounts, so I usually see those. YouTube also sends me an email, but then it stacks it in with all of the Google+ likes and I have a hard time sorting through that info. Facebook is absolutely abysmal about letting me know someone has sent something to one of the pages. They lump it in with all of the notifications from my personal Facebook page and I sometimes don’t see them for days.

Don’t send things through the social media sites. I won’t add them to the site for the same reasons I don’t add things sent through comments. They don’t capture all the information I need to create the post.