EDIT: Maintenance is complete. Some work by the developer to fix a bug made it go faster than expected.

I need to do some maintenance to the themes for each site this weekend. It won’t take very long, but the themes will be wonky for up to an hour as I replace each theme with the updated version. This will make the pages look completely different and will make navigating the sites difficult.

Since all of sites (except TOR Fashion) are actually one individual site with multiple subdomains, I have to individually change the all of the themes over to a different theme, delete the current theme, upload the new theme, and then individually switch the themes back to the updated theme. I will do them in the order of most traffic, so it may take a little while before I get to the less visited sites.

I don’t want to put the sites into maintenance mode since URLs to the site will still work, but if it’s too distracting I will.

I don’t have a specific time I will do this, but expect sometime in the late morning or early afternoon on Saturday, Apr 23rd.