Hosting Change

Due to many problems with our current web hosting company, including a three-day block of my IP address, we’ll be moving the sites to a new hosting company at the end of the month. There will be some down-time for each site and a little growing pains as we put everything back to normal. Please be patient with us. I’ll keep this post updated with dates and times as soon as I know them.

26 May – We’ve ordered the server and are waiting for the host to build it. The plan is to get everything transferred over this week. We may have to shut down the forms for a few hours so we don’t have any changes to the database in the middle of the move. I’ll update once I know more.

29 May – We ran into a snag with the new hosting company and are going to have to choose a different one. This is going to put us back a few days.

30 May – We are moving the sites to the new host today. You may experience some downtime today or tomorrow when we change the site IP addresses until they propagate across the network. You may also not see all changes to the sites until everything is up and running on the new host.

31 May – The sites are all on the new host and back up and running.

2 Jun – We are not getting email notifications from any of the forms. If you haven’t seen your non-customized submission or I haven’t answered your amil via the Contact Form, I’ll get to everything once we get thatworking again. Also, we’re increasing the time out and upload sizes on the new server, so hopefully we won’t get any more time out errors on the forms.

4 Jun – We apologize for the delay in getting some submissions on the site. The email function is working again and we will get everything updated by tomorrow morning at the latest.