Form Consolidation

Now that I’ve figured out why Gravity Forms didn’t work when I used conditional logic, I’ve consolidated all the non-customized submission forms on all of the sites to make it easier to submit items. Each site has two forms, one for Customized submissions and one for everything else. (WildStar has two customized forms, one for fashion and one for housing).

Use the customized submission form when you are uploading images of your character in their customized armor. This includes any combination of armor and dyes. Use the other for for anything to help update the visual database. This excludes all dyed items.

Table of Contents

TOR Fashion

Customized Submission

Armor (both moddable and non-moddable), weapons, color crystals, mounts, or pets

TOR Decorating

Customized Stronghold


ESO Fashion

Customized Submission

Armor, weapons, mounts, or pets, including crafted items

ArcheAge Fashion

Customized Submissions

Armor, Weapon, Mounts, or Pets

GW2 Fashion

Customized Submission

Armor, weapons, or miniatures

WildStar Fashion

Customized Fashion

Customized Housing

Armor, weapons, mounts, pets, or decor