ESO – Submissions 7-13 Apr 14

Wow! What a busy week for submissions. We had over 25 this week, due in large part to a reddit post by /u/thedanfootitt. I’ll try to get as many of them on here as possible, but please don’t be offended if I miss yours.

Table of Contents

Customized Sets

Jahar Narishma [EU] / Nivayn Mora [EU] / Drakkard [EU] / Evariste Devalere [NA] / Jotunn [NA]

007-thumb2UnbenanntScreenshot_20140412_102611_crEvariste Devalereimage11


Beech Bow by brekel and Vhey / Beech Inferno Staff by brekel / Beech Shield by Xrison and brekel / Dunmer Orichalc Sword by Xrison

Argonian Beech BowBosmer Beech Inferno StaffDunmer Beech ShieldDunmer Orichalc Sword Fine

Light Armor

Primal Kresh by Laurelinad / Redguard Spidersilk by Sticean at-Aljuq / Daedric Ironthread by Valdisere / Ancient Elf Kresh by Valdisere / Breton Spidersilk by Phenomena

Primal Kresh - Male Front VR2Redguard Spidersilk - Male Front Close 36Daedric Ironthread - Female Front VR6 FinbeAncient Elf Kresh - Female Front VR1Breton Spidersilk - Female Front Close 40

Medium Armor

Argonian Gavial/Iguana by Vasdran / Altmer Full-Leather by Vyragosa / Khajiit Leather by Vhey / Argonian Alligator/Caiman by Vhey / Orc Hide by Etar gro-Maggok

Argonian Iguanan - Male Front Close 16Altmer Full-Leather - Female Front Close 36Khajiit Leather - Female Front Close 30Argonian Alligator - Female Front Close 32Orc Hide - Male Front 18

Heavy Armor

Dunmer Steel by Lexalia / Redguard Steel by Lexalia / Nord Orichalc by Beyak / Nord Dwarven by Lonimir Dragon-Brand / Ancient Elf Galatite by Valdisere

Dunmer Steel - Female Front Close 16-20Redguard Steel - Female Front Close 16-20Nord Orichalc - Female Front Close 32Nord Dwarven - Male Front Close 40Ancient Elf Galatite - Female Front VR4

Dunmer Orichalc Male by Xrison

Dumner Orichalc - Male 32 Front Close


Vanguard Uniform by Meera (Female) & Asabrag (Male) / Quendeluun Veiled Heritance by A’yme

Vanguard Uniform - FemaleVanguard Uniform - Male FrontQuendeluun Veiled Heritence - Female Front