ESO – Submissions 30 Mar–6 Apr 14

We’re starting to receive some submissions to the site from players. Here’s some highlights:


Tenebrarum sent in all of the Blacksmithing Orichalc weapons in the Nord style.

Nord Orichalc AxeNord Orichalc GreatswordNord Orichalc Dagger

Light Armor

Kaenah sent in Redguard Linen level 16-20 for females.

Redguard Linen - Female Close Front 20Redguard Linen - Female Close Back 20Redguard Linen - Female Close Leftk 20

Nixi sent in Bosmer Linen level 16-20 and Bosmer Cotton 26-30 for females.

Female_Bosmer_Linen_Front_Closeup 16Female_Bosmer_Linen_Back_Closeupc 16Female_Bosmer_Linen_Side_Closeup 16

Female_Bosmer_Cotton_Front_Closeup 26Female_Bosmer_Cotton_Back_Closeup 26Female_Bosmer_Cotton_Side_Closeup 26

Customized Sets

We now have three Customized Sets on the site. Not bad for the game’s official launch only two days ago.

Vlor Vas’Drakken [NA] by Benjamin Vas’Drakken


Anja Valkyrja [NA]


Evariste Devalere [NA] by Kaz