ESO – Non-Craftable Armor & Dye Stamps

Non-Craftable Armor Sets

Based on information from The Elder Scrolls Online Wiki and an Official Forums post by Doncellius, I added style information to the non-craftable armor sets and costumes, when applicable. I also added a tab to the end of the Motif pages to show those sets. I also created pages for those non-craftable styles that had sets on the site. If these styles ever become craftable, I’ll ex0pand them to look like the other motif pages.

I also standardized how those posts look and included bonus set information.

Dye Stamps

Dye Stamps are Crown Store-exclusive, one-time use items that contain three common or uncommon dyes confined to specific channels to dye costumes and hats. You aren’t required to have already earned the achievement for the dye colors and these can be used by subscribers or non-subscribers.

I added dye stamps to the Crown Store page and created an individual page for them that I’ll keep updated with everything that comes available in the store and pictures showing what they look like on a costume. You can find this page under Guides on the main menu below the links to the dye pages.

Here are a few examples:

Frostfall Alit Hide GreenFrostfall Battleaxe BrownFrostfall Burnt RosewoodFrostfall Cranberry CakeFrostfall Dessert for DinnerFrostfall Emerald and Leather