ESO – Horns of the Reach

Latest Update: 6 Aug 17

Here’s where I stand on Update 15: Horns of the Reach

Table of Contents

New Styles

Zenimax didn’t include the new styles in the Crafting Bag this time around, so we are stuck with what they included in the last update. Unfortunately, that is one armor weight per style. Once I get time, I’ll try to start collecting the styles. They are legerdemain drops, so this will take some time.

The new PvE sets are available in two new uncraftable styles. I don’t know the official name for them, so I just named them according to the dungeon they drop in.

I have been taking additional pics of the sets as I work through them so you can see what each individual piece looks like. As I have time, I’ve been working through some of the older styles, but I did this for all five new styles (if it was available). You can view these from the style’s page on the Individual Pieces tab.

New PvE Sets

There are six PvE sets and two Monster sets from the new dungeons: Falkreath Hold and Bloodroot Forge. The armor sets table has been updated.


Three new homes are coming soon. One is from a Witches Festival Achievement, one from a Horns of the Reach achievement, and the last is a Crown Store exclusive.


Each time a new update comes out I lose my source for a furnishing datamine. I manually inputted the furnishings available in the Housing Editor Purchase Tab as I added them to the site, but I have no idea what else is out there for this Update and whether or not any of those items are craftable or available from a vendor somewhere. I did add a column to the Furnishings Table to indicate which Update a furnishing was added to the game.

New furnishings are primarily Coldharbour and Witches Festival furnishings.