ESO – Homestead Changes

Last Updated: 23 Mar 17

I’ll be keeping this post updated with the Homestead PTS changes as I complete them. We are currently sitting at 70% of furnishings on the site.

Table of Contents



  • I could use help with pictures of furnishings from the following sources:
    • Busts from Dungeons
    • Crafting vendors that require the Grand Master Crafting Harvester and Master of Refinement achievements
    • Cyrodiil Achievement Furnishers (particularly DC and EP)
    • Fishing
    • Hall Steward – Daedric Chest
    • Mastercraft Mediator – Hlaalu Furnisher’s Document
    • Mystics (special thanks to Rumor for sending in half the books)
    • Outlaw Refuge Merchant – Faded Fence Banner, Mountain of Loot
    • Rawl’kha Achievement Furnisher – Moon-Sugar for Glossy Fur? Yes!
    • Shadowy Supplier
    • Undaunted Quartermaster – Undaunted Chest
  • Update the tables located on each home’s page with live numbers and post URLs


  • I’ve created a Housing jump page to mirror the front page, but with housing only information.
  • I’ve also created a submission form so people can upload their decorated homes to the site like we have set up for SWTOR with TOR Decorating.
  • Dulfy did videos of the new housing. You’ll be able to view them on each housing page or on the ESO Fashion YouTube channel.
  • Instead of reinventing the wheel, I’ve copied the housing information from the Patch Notes to the Housing Guide and Crafting Guide – Furnishings and added a few pictures.
  • There are 3,012 furnishings. Special thanks to Dulfy, Sisqi for starting these off and Edenprime for getting through almost all of the Achievement furnishings. I’ve finished pulling up all of the furnishings from the homes and going through the entire Housing Editor Purchase Tab.
  • I combined some spreadsheets Dominoid worked up and created a searchable table of all furnishings. As new furnishings are added to our database, I have been linking them to the table so you can see what’s been accomplished so far. I’ve also added all of the furnishing categories to that page.
  • I added a table to each home’s page detailing which furnishings are available with the Crown Store furnished version. Eventually, I will link the items we have completed, but I want to get more done so I don’t have to do it multiple times per table.
  • I started tagging all of the style-specific furnishings so that you can see everything at once that is style-specific. I also created a page of the more common sets so that you can easily find all items of a particular set.
  • I had to change the way the Furnishings (by Source) and Furnishings (by Type) pages are set up because there are too many furnishings to show on one page with the codes I use. Now the Furnishings (by Source) shows a menu linking to individual pages for different sources. The Furnishings (by Type) page has all of the categories listed linked to the pages of individual posts.


EbonyMazzatunRa GadaSilken Ring
Tier 10 LightXXXX
Tier 10 MediumXXXX
Tier 10 HeavyXXXX
Tier 10 WeaponsXXXX
Tier 1 LightXXXX
Tier 1 MediumXXXX
Tier 1 HeavyXXXX
Tier 1 WeaponsXXXX

Crown Store

There are two new Cosmetic Packs: Body Markings (119) and Face Markings (122).

There are ten Furniture packs on live: Formal Garden Shrubbery (26), Tamrielic Household Necessities (15), Trees of Tamriel (23), Home in Nibenay Bedroom (10), Niben Valley Kitchen (9), Cyrodilic Parlor (10), Craglorn Multicultural Knick-Knacks (35), Craglorn Multicultural Bedroom (20), Craglorn Multicultural Kitchen (17), and Craglorn Multicultural Parlor (24).