ESO Fashion – Crown Store and Other Updates

ZoS is introducing a Crown Store to Elder Scrolls Online with Game Update 1.6. The Crown Store allows you to purchase items that are added to the new Collections interface with real cash. The Collections interface allows you to equip an item without requiring you to keep it in your bags. Once an item has been unlocked on one character, you can use it on any of your characters on the same account.

eso-draugr-polymorph-costume-maleBanded Guar Charger FrontAlik'r Dune-Hound Front

In addition to the Crown Store items, we’ve added the Costumes, Mounts, and Pets available in the Collections interface to ESO Fashion.

Dark Seducer FemaleImperial Horse FrontImgakin Monkey Front

@Sneak-Thief has been submitting a huge number of the PvE and PvP sets to ESO Fashion over the last couple months. We’re also looking for people to submit images of the new level 1 sets you can loot from containers.