ESO Fashion – Wolfhunter DLC

Current as of: 8 Aug 2018

Here is where I stand on Wolfhunter DLC site updates. I am finished unless something is added to the PTS.

Table of Contents

New Styles


This will be available with the next Witches Festival. Added to the search and filter tool.

Dremora Homespun - Female Robe FrontDremora Homespun - Female Shirt FrontDremora Homespun - Male Robe FrontDremora Homespun - Male Shirt FrontDremora Rawhide - Female FrontDremora Rawhide - Male FrontDremora Iron - Female FrontDremora Iron - Male Front


This will drop from Z’Maja in Cloudrest Trial. It’s the same motif as the dropped sets from the Trial. Added to the search and filter tool.

Welkynar Homespun - Female Robe FrontWelkynar Homespun - Female Shirt FrontWelkynar Homespun - Male Robe FrontWelkynar Homespun - Male Shirt FrontWelkynar Rawhide - Female FrontWelkynar Rawhide - Male FrontWelkynar Iron - Female FrontWelkynar Iron - Male Front

Old Style

I didn’t realize the Shroud of the Lich came with any unique weapons (staff) because the rest are identical to Daedric. Added to the search and filter tool.

Lich Axe 2Lich Battle Axe 2Lich Bow 1Lich Dagger 2Lich Greatsword 2Lich Mace 2Lich Maul 2Lich Sword 2Lich Shield 2Lich Staff 2

New Sets

There are six new sets in two styles: Huntsman (March of Sacrifices) and Silver Dawn (Moon Hunter Keep) and two new Monster sets. Added to search and filter tool.

Huntsman Light - Female Shirt FrontHuntsman Light - Male Shirt FrontHuntsman Medium - Female FrontHuntsman Medium - Male FrontHuntsman Heavy - Female FrontHuntsman Heavy - Male FrontBalorgh - Female FrontBalorgh - Male Front

Silver Dawn Light - Female Shirt FrontSilver Dawn Light - Male Shirt FrontSilver Dawn Medium - Female FrontSilver Dawn Medium - Male FrontSilver Dawn Heavy - Female FrontSilver Dawn Heavy - Male FrontVykosa - Female FrontVykosa - Male Front

Monster Sets

I updated the posts for all of the Monster sets to include individual piece and dyed images. Added to the search and filter tool.

New Outfits

These are available as rewards for completing Battlegrounds. Added to the search and filter tool.

Firedrake - Female FrontFiredrake - Male FrontPit Daemon - Female FrontPit Daemon - Male FrontStormlord - Female FrontStormlord - Male Front

The next Undaunted sets to be added to Outfit Designer will be Iceheart, Grothdarr, and Troll King. Added to search and filter tool.

Iceheart - Female FrontIceheart - Male FrontIceheart Bow 1Iceheart Sword 2Iceheart Greatsword 2Iceheart Shield 2Iceheart Staff 2

Grothdarr - Female FrontGrothdarr - Male FrontGrothdarr Bow 1Grothdarr Mace 2Grothdarr Maul 2Grothdarr Shield 2Grothdarr Staff 2

Troll King - Female FrontTroll King - Male FrontTroll King Bow 1Troll King Axe 2Troll King Battle Axe 2Troll King Shield 2Troll King Staff 2

Updated Outfits

I updated the Fanged Worm and Horned Dragon images. Added to the search and filter tool.

Fanged Worm Light - Female Robe FrontFanged Worm Light - Female Shirt FrontFanged Worm Light - Male Robe FrontFanged Worm Light - Male Shirt FrontFanged Worm Medium - Female FrontFanged Worm Medium - Male FrontFanged Worm Heavy - Female FrontFanged Worm Heavy - Male Front

Horned Dragon - Female Robe FrontHorned Dragon - Female Shirt FrontHorned Dragon - Male Robe FrontHorned Dragon - Male Shirt FrontHorned Dragon - Female FrontHorned Dragon - Male FrontHorned Dragon - Female FrontHorned Dragon - Male Front

Outfit Designer Pages

I added a checkbox for Outfit Designer on the Style Search and Filter Tool so I no longer have to update the individual Outfit Designer pages. This will allow you to only view those items available in Outfit Designer in the tool and it fixes the problem with having to load so many images on those pages on the main site.

New Collectibles and Furnishings

Werewolf Hunter Hat - Female FrontWerewolf Hunter Hat - Male FrontSable Man-Beast - Female FrontSable Man-Beast - Male Front

Older Collectibles

I was able to get images of some older collectibles I was missing.

Z'Maja's Shadow - Female FrontZ'Maja's Shadow - Male Front

New Dyes

There is one new dye for completing both veteran dungeons. The images in the tables on the dye pages disappeared, but I was able to add them all back in.

Old Dyes

Since all of the dyes were available on the PTS Character Template, I went ahead and started taking pics of each one. I used Breton and took pics on the Tier 4 Jerkin, Jack, Cuirass, and Shield. There are too many images to include here, but these are the links to the individual pages. I’ve also added a separate menu at the top of all dye-related pages to more easily find them.

New Homes

There will be two new homes available as Crown Store exclusives: Grand Psijic Villa and Hunter’s Glade.

New Furnishings

Not a ton of new furnishings this DLC. The table is updated.

New Furnishing Packs

For most of the packs, there aren’t a lot of new items. I’ve included links to the packs and images of any new items here.

Mastercraft Mediator

I’m not sure if I missed these from Summerset or if they are new for Wolfhunter.

Old Furnishings

I was able to purchase most the Summerset Achievement Furnishings and I added the Alinor Home Goods Furnisher info to the appropriate posts.

Busts and Trophies

All of the busts and trophies were available.