ESO Fashion – Waking Flame DLC

Current as of: 25 Jul 21

This PTS update added three Witches Festival items (emote, memento, non-combat pet).

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New Motifs

New Item Sets

Dread Cellar: Crimson Oath

Red Petal Bastion: Silver Rose

Rewards for the Worthy

New Collectibles, Outfit Styles & Dyes







  • Moonshadow Orchid (Rare): “Waking Flame Delver” achievement – Complete both Red Petal Bastion and the Dread Cellar in Veteran

New Homes

  • Doomchar Plateau: Forged in the fires of the Deadlands, this lava-ringed plateau features a stunning view of Daedric landmarks and a solid foundation on which to build your very own Daedric dwelling. Live dangerously within the realm controlled by Prince Mehrunes Dagon! (Not yet available for purchase)

  • Sweetwater Cascades: Set in an idyllic location between Khajiiti and Imperial lands, this tranquil villa draws upon the Anequina Aqueduct for its dancing fountains and deep cisterns. After relaxing outside, retreat indoors to enjoy healthy nourishment and restful sleep.

New Furnishings

Busts & Trophies

Leyawiin Reward Coffers

Mastercraft Mediator

Undaunted Quartermaster

Housing Editor Purchase Tab

The Impresario