ESO Fashion – Summerset Updates

Last Updated: 9 May 18

It has been a roller coaster of a month and I am not as far along in the Summerset updates as I would like to be. Then again, it has been less than a week and feels like a month, so maybe it’s not quite as bad as I am assuming.


I am finished with Summerset except for those items which require you to do the achievements. I don’t believe I will have time to finish those before Summerset hits.

New Motifs

I’ve taken all the pics and uploaded them to the site and to the search tool.

New Sets

I’ve also taken pics of the last few Arena sets not already on the site.

Outfit Styles

They have added three Outfit Styles that can only be used via the Outfit Designer.

Three of the Undaunted sets are showing in Outfit Designer with two also having weapons.

You will also receive the ability to use Skyforge Smith Hammer with the Grand Master Crafting achievement.

Hidden Crafting Stations

There are three new hidden crafting stations, two on Summerset Isle and one on Artaeum.


There are four new dyes, two for Summerset and two for Jewelry Crafting. The two Jewelry Crafting dyes fall under Mixed.

New Homes

There are three new homes:


The Clockwork God’s Domain

The Clockwork furnishings are already on the site plus these:

Trappings of Mephala Worship Pack















Yet to Do

Collections Items

  • Big-Eared Ginger Kitten
  • Sea Sload Dorsal Fin
  • Psijic Glowglobe
  • Gryphon Feather Talisman
  • Z’Maja’s Shadow
  • Psijic Skullcap
  • Face Imprint of the Psijic Order
  • Body Imprint of the Psijic Order
  • Mystic Eye Psijic Cuirass
  • Psijic Warden Gauntlets
  • Fan of False-Face
  • Arena Gladiator Helm

Achievement Furnisher

  • Abyssal Pearl, Sealed
  • Banner of the House of Reveries, Hanging
  • Banner of the Sapiarchs, Hanging
  • Cloudrest Banner, Hanging
  • Coral Formation, Luminescent
  • Crystal Tower Key, Replica
  • Crystal Tower Stand
  • Direnni Banner, Hanging
  • Display Case, Exhibit
  • Enchanted Text, Illusory Forest
  • Evergloam Wispstone
  • High Elf Statue, Kinlady
  • High Elf Wine Press, Display
  • Lillandril Banner, Hanging
  • Mind Trap Kelp, Adult
  • Psijic Control Globe, Inactive
  • Replica of Transparent Law
  • Shimmerene Banner, Hanging
  • Spiral Skein Coral, Brittle-Vein
  • Spiral Skein Coral, Elkhorn
  • Sunhold Banner, Hanging
  • The Keeper’s Oath
  • Waterfall, Small Everlasting



I don’t even remember what the original issue was, but something caused me to contact my hosting company to switch the server over to a fully managed one and get the software updated. They weren’t able to do that, so I ended up upgrading to a new, larger server. This should have been a fairly easy prospect since the hosting company moved the sites over to the new server, but it ended up being a two-week long nightmare where they copied over all the files, but couldn’t get the sites working. I had to keep track of every change to the site, so I could update the new server when it finally went live. I apologize if I missed anything.

I am still working through tweaking the server settings to get everything running smoothly. Please excuse the long loading times. The server has more memory and will be faster as soon as I track down exactly what settings need to change.

Style Search Tool

If you’ve been paying attention to the side bar, you’d see that I have been working on a search and filter tool for individual pics of all the styles. It’s taking me some time because I have to upload all the images to this tool and tag them with searchable categories. I took a break from doing this during the 4th anniversary event so I could work on the gaps in my motif knowledge and to work on Summerset.

This tool has not been easy to get working correctly. You would think it would be easy to find a search and filter plugin that would work since there are so many sites out there that have them. Four plugins and nearly $300 later, I finally have one that works. The first and third wouldn’t provide any results. The second worked perfectly, but my theme developer pushed an updated that caused the perfectly working plugin to break every other site. I finally discovered the theme developer has one. It only required I create a new post type and taxonomies and transfer the 1,402 completed posts. I am still hopefully I will get the armor completed by mid-May, but that will depend on how much more time I need to spend on Summerset.


While creating the search tool, I discovered a new theme I really wanted to switch the rest of the sites to because it gives me a lot more flexibility than the one I have been using. I had absolutely no plans to do this until after I finished the tool. Unfortunately, fate was not on my side. The theme developer pushed an update to fix what they broke with the last one and ended up causing a syntax error on the sites. I had to do an emergency workaround to move the sites to the new theme I wanted to try and delete the old theme to get the sites working again. It took me several hours last night to get the theme updated so it looked similar to the old one. You may see some small changes here and there, but it should look very similar.

Site Updates

While working on Summerset and dealing with the above issues, I determined I am spending too much time updating tons of different pages so that everyone will be able to view information the way they want to. So, I had to pare down the total number of pages I work on. You’ll see the main menu is significantly smaller. Instead of listing out every single motif, you’ll need to go to the Motif page to access the individual pages. If you hadn’t noticed before, I reorganized it by required DLC / Expansion to obtain. I also deleted all the individual Outfit Designer pages from the main menu and you’ll need to access the homes and furnishings links from the consolidated pages.

Armor and Weapons Pages

The largest time suck (after taking the pictures) was updating all the different pages for viewing armor and weapons. I am now only updating 3 sets of pages.

  • Outfit Designer: Allows you to view pics of each individual piece set up like Outfit Designer in game; best viewed with a very good internet connection because of the number of images
  • Armor and Weapon Comparison: Shows full sets of every motif (crafted and dropped); lots of images. I had to break these into two pages each because there were too many images per page.
  • Individual armor, weapon, and apparel pages: I converted the crafted (by style) pages into all armor and weapons. These are thumbnail links to the posts; best for people with slower internet connections. You can view these on the main menu under Equipment for pieces with stats and Apparel for those appearance-only items.