ESO Fashion – Style Search Tool

Now that I’ve gotten the search function working, I wanted to share my latest project. It is by no means anywhere near completion, but you can get an idea of what it will look like when it’s done. I’m uploading images as quickly as I can, but I’ll have to put a halt to the project once Summerset hits the PTS. Once I finish armor, I will add weapons as well.


ESO Motifs is a subsection of ESO Fashion that allows you to search for the individual pieces of each style. I moved it away from the rest of the site to make it easier to access (no searching through the menus) and hopefully quicker since it won’t have quite as many images. You can access the link from the top of the ESO Fashion main menu. This isn’t intended to show you the specific color schemes for each style, only how the pieces look. I mostly used crafted Tier 1 armor, but the non-craftable styles are dropped Tier 10. The 10 racial styles also have up to crafted Tier 4 since there are four different looks for each style.


There are several options to the search. The plugin I’m using has drop down boxes for the multi-select tools, so you will have to click into each box. It does dynamically update the number of posts available as you make choices.


At the top is a search box. You can type a style, gender, or armor piece into this to return results. Just hit enter once you’re ready for your results.

Next is Styles. Click into the box and then click a style to add it to the filter. You can choose more than one style by waiting until the box adds the first, then clicking into it again and adding more. This will return any posts with either style. You can add as many as you like or leave the box blank to search all styles.

Gender is an either / or filter option. You can leave it as is and it will return both male and female posts, or you can choose to only return one of them.

Armor Weight is set up to allow you to pick multiple options like Styles or you can leave it blank and return all armor weights.

Pieces refers to the armor piece. You can choose multiple options here like you can with Styles. Under Chest, you can see Jerkin and Robe. This breaks out the light chest pieces, so you can search for all using Chest or search only for Jerkins using Jerkin. Full Set refers to those posts that show the entire armor set. It is also broken down further for light sets with Robe and Shirt.

Appearance is the most complicated part of the search. There is a lot of scrolling to see each section and I may break this up if if proves too cumbersome. These are appearance options that I’ve arbitrarily assigned to each post and may help you find a certain look. Once again, you can choose multiple categories.

Once you have chosen all your options, click the submit button. You can also reset the form if you want to start from scratch. NOTE: Your results will only show the top 100 items, but as you scroll to the bottom it will load more. It just takes a second.

Once you get your results, you can click on an individual picture to see more views. You can click on any of these images to show the full size image to see more details

Eventually, I will add in weapons and will expand the filter with additional options. Please let me know if something isn’t clear or isn’t working correctly. Or let me know if something is tagged wrong. It’s much easier to fix something now before I get too much further into this. I’m already at 582 posts and haven’t even made it through “A” motifs.