ESO Fashion – Stonethorn DLC

Currents as of: 13 Oct 20

  • Sea Giant – Weekly Kyne’s Aegis quest with style stone from the bosses

Table of Contents

New Item Sets

Castle Thorn (Thorn Legion)

  • Talfyg’s Treachery

Stone Garden (Hazardous Alchemy)

New Dyes and Collectibles

  • Hazardous Chartreuse (Dye) – Stonethorn Delver: Complete both Stone Garden and Castle Thorn in Veteran
  • Reanimated Vampiric Thrall (Skin) – Acquired by earning the “Castle Thorn Conqueror” achievement
  • Duo-Dynamo Dwarven Spider (Multi-Rider Mount) – Crown Store
  • Energetic Dwarven Shock-Spider (Non-Combat Pet) – Acquired by earning the “Stonethorn Explorer” achievement
  • Timbercrow Wanderer (Costume) – Acquired by combining 50 Siege of Cyrodiil Merits, available by completing District Quests in the Imperial City, with a siege of Cyrodiil Distinction, available for purchase from Tel Var General Merchants in the Imperial City
  • Grave Dancer (Outfit Style) – Dremora Plunder Skulls or Impresario during the Witches Festival
  • Legion Zero Vigiles (Outfit Style) – Legion Zero Strongboxes or Impresario during the Imperial City Celebration
  • Sovngarde Stalwart (Outfit Style) – Boxes of Gray Host Pillage or Impresario during the Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event
  • Tools of Domination (Outfit Style) – Legion Zero Strongboxes or Impresario during the Imperial City Celebration
  • Mostly Stable Juggling Potions (Memento) – Acquired by earning the “Stone Garden Conqueror” achievement
  • Reliquary of Dark Designs (Memento) – Acquired by completing the “The Gray Council” quest in Rivenspire
  • Throwing Bones (Memento) – Acquired by assembling a set of 10 Rune-Carved Bone Fragments from Plunder Skulls during the Witches Festival



  • Houseguests
    • Biro-dar – Crown Store
    • Historian Phedre – Lost Treasures of Skyrim Event
    • Keldora – Crown Store
    • Solitude Guard Jorn – Crown Store
  • Solitude Furnishing Plans – Skyrim Daily Reward Coffers, acquired by completing dailies for the Swords of Solitude or the Coterie of Organized Scholars in Western Skyrim
    • Blueprint: Solitude Cart, Work
    • Blueprint: Solitude Door, Arched Wooden
    • Blueprint: Solitude Foot Bridge, Wood-Planked
    • Blueprint: Solitude Gate, Wood
    • Blueprint: Solitude Pillar Base, Wood
    • Blueprint: Solitude Platform, Square Wooden
    • Blueprint: Solitude Shed, Wood Lean-To
    • Blueprint: Solitude Stall, Merchant
    • Blueprint: Solitude Wagon, Sturdy
    • Pattern: Solitude Stall, Covered Merchant
    • Pattern: Solitude Tent, Enclosed
    • Pattern: Solitude Tent, Open
    • Praxis: Solitude Archway, Stone
    • Praxis: Solitude Fireplace, Kitchen
    • Praxis: Solitude Fireplace, Ornate
    • Praxis: Solitude Platform, Ornate Tile
    • Praxis: Solitude Post, Stone Wall
    • Praxis: Solitude Stairway, Stone
    • Praxis: Solitude Walkway, Stone
    • Praxis: Solitude Wall, Curved Stone
    • Praxis: Solitude Wall, Low Curved Stone
    • Praxis: Solitude Wall, Low Stone
    • Praxis: Solitude Wall, Stone
    • Praxis: Solitude Well, Covered
  • Mastercraft Mediator Furnishing Plans
    • Blueprint: Solitude Game, Blood-on-the-Snow
    • Design: Solitude Smoking Rack, Fish
    • Diagram: Vampiric Chandelier, Azure Wrought-Iron
    • Formula: Winter Cardinal Painting, Work in Progress
    • Pattern: Solitude Loom, Warp-Weighted
    • Praxis: Ancient Nord Monolith, Head
    • Sketch: Blackreach Geode, Iridescent
  • Achievement Furnishings – Undaunted Quartermaster
    • Castle Thorn Gargoyle – “Castle Thorn Vanquisher”
    • Stone Garden Tank, Rootbound – “Stone Garden Vanquisher”
  • Other