ESO Fashion – Murkmire DLC

Current as of: 21 Oct 18

These are the new items added to ESO Fashion with the Murkmire DLC based on the PTS version 4.2.3.

Table of Contents



Available when Murkmire launches

Dead-Water Homespun - Female Robe FrontDead-Water Homespun - Male Robe FrontDead-Water Homespun - Female Shirt FrontDead-Water Homespun - Male Shirt FrontDead-Water Rawhide - Female FrontDead-Water Rawhide - Male FrontDead-Water Iron - Female FrontDead-Water Iron - Male Front

Dead-Water Homespun - Argonian Male Robe FrontDead-Water Homespun - Argonian Male Shirt FrontDead-Water Homespun - Khajiit Female Robe FrontDead-Water Homespun - Khajiit Female Shirt FrontDead-Water Rawhide - Argonian Male FrontDead-Water Rawhide - Khajiit Female FrontDead-Water Iron - Argonian Male FrontDead-Water Iron - Khajiit Female Front

Dead-Water Iron Axe 2Dead-Water Iron Battle Axe 2Dead-Water Iron Dagger 2Dead-Water Iron Greatsword 2Dead-Water Iron Mace 2Dead-Water Iron Maul 2Dead-Water Iron Sword 2Dead-Water Maple Bow 1Dead-Water Maple Shield 2Dead-Water Maple Staff 2

Elder Argonian

Available after the new year

Elder Argonian Homespun - Female Robe FrontElder Argonian Homespun - Female Shirt FrontElder Argonian Homespun - Male Robe FrontElder Argonian Homespun - Male Shirt FrontElder Argonian Rawhide - Female FrontElder Argonian Rawhide - Male FrontElder Argonian Iron - Female FrontElder Argonian Iron - Male Front

Elder Argonian Homespun - Argonian Male Robe FrontElder Argonian Homespun - Argonian Male Shirt FrontElder Argonian Homespun - Khajiit Female Robe FrontElder Argonian Homespun - Khajiit Female Shirt FrontElder Argonian Rawhide - Argonian Male FrontElder Argonian Rawhide - Khajiit Female FrontElder Argonian Iron - Argonian Male FrontElder Argonian Iron - Khajiit Female Front

Elder Argonian Iron Axe 2Elder Argonian Iron Battle Axe 2Elder Argonian Iron Dagger 2Elder Argonian Iron Greatsword 2Elder Argonian Iron Mace 2Elder Argonian Iron Maul 2Elder Argonian Iron Sword 2Elder Argonian Maple Bow 1Elder Argonian Maple Shield 2Elder Argonian Maple Staff 2


Available in Q1 of 2019

Huntsman Homespun - Female Robe FrontHuntsman Homespun - Female Shirt FrontHuntsman Homespun - Male Robe FrontHuntsman Homespun - Male Shirt FrontHuntsman Rawhide - Female FrontHuntsman Rawhide - Male FrontHuntsman Iron - Female FrontHuntsman Iron - Male Front

Huntsman Homespun - Argonian Male Robe FrontHuntsman Homespun - Argonian Male Shirt FrontHuntsman Homespun - Khajiit Female Robe FrontHuntsman Homespun - Khajiit Female Shirt FrontHuntsman Rawhide - Argonian Male FrontHuntsman Rawhide - Khajiit Female FrontHuntsman Iron - Argonian Male FrontHuntsman Iron - Khajiit Female Front

Huntsman Iron Axe 2Huntsman Iron Battle Axe 2Huntsman Iron Dagger 2Huntsman Iron Greatsword 2Huntsman Iron Mace 2Huntsman Iron Maul 2Huntsman Iron Sword 2Huntsman Maple Bow 1Huntsman Maple Shield 2Huntsman Maple Staff 2

Silver Dawn

Available later this year

Silver Dawn Homespun - Female Robe FrontSilver Dawn Homespun - Female Shirt FrontSilver Dawn Homespun - Male Robe FrontSilver Dawn Homespun - Male Shirt FrontSilver Dawn Rawhide - Female FrontSilver Dawn Rawhide - Male FrontSilver Dawn Iron - Female FrontSilver Dawn Iron - Male Front

Silver Dawn Homespun - Argonian Male Robe FrontSilver Dawn Homespun - Argonian Male Shirt FrontSilver Dawn Homespun - Khajiit Female Robe FrontSilver Dawn Homespun - Khajiit Female Shirt FrontSilver Dawn Rawhide - Argonian Male FrontSilver Dawn Rawhide - Khajiit Female FrontSilver Dawn Iron - Argonian Male FrontSilver Dawn Iron - Khajiit Female Front

Silver Dawn Iron Axe 2Silver Dawn Iron Battle Axe 2Silver Dawn Iron Dagger 2Silver Dawn Iron Greatsword 2Silver Dawn Iron Mace 2Silver Dawn Iron Maul 2Silver Dawn Iron Sword 2Silver Dawn Maple Bow 1Silver Dawn Maple Shield 2Silver Dawn Maple Staff 2



Bright-Throat’s Boast

Elder Argonian - Female Robe FrontElder Argonian - Female Shirt FrontElder Argonian - Male Robe FrontElder Argonian - Male Shirt FrontElder Argonian - Argonian Male Robe FrontElder Argonian - Argonian Male Shirt FrontElder Argonian - Khajiit Female Robe FrontElder Argonian - Khajiit Female Shirt Front

Dead-Water’s Guile

Dead-Water Medium - Female FrontDead-Water Medium - Male FrontDead-Water Medium - Argonian Male FrontDead-Water Medium - Khajiit Female Front

Champion of the Hist

Elder Argonian Heavy - Female FrontElder Argonian Heavy - Male FrontElder Argonian Heavy - Argonian Male FrontElder Argonian Heavy - Khajiit Female Front

Blackrose Prison


Dead-Water Iron Axe 2Dead-Water Iron Battle Axe 2Dead-Water Iron Dagger 2Dead-Water Iron Greatsword 2Dead-Water Iron Mace 2Dead-Water Iron Maul 2Dead-Water Iron Sword 2Dead-Water Maple Bow 1Dead-Water Maple Shield 2Dead-Water Maple Staff 2

Rewards for the Worthy (Alliance Styles)

Outfit Designer


Voriplasm Battle Axe 1Voriplasm Bow 2Voriplasm Staff 1Voriplasm Sword 2

Arms Packs


Bloodspawn Battle Axe 2Bloodspawn Bow 1Bloodspawn Mace 2Bloodspawn Shield 2Bloodspawn Staff 2


Sellistrix Battle Axe 1Sellistrix Bow 2Sellistrix Mace 1Sellistrix Shield 1Sellistrix Staff 1

Spawn Mother

Swarm Mother Bow 2Swarm Mother Greatsword 1Swarm Mother Mace 1Swarm Mother Shield 1Swarm Mother Staff 1


eso-replica-of-the-xinchei-konu-2Verdigris Haj Mota FrontMarshmist Palescale Skin Female FrontMarshmist Palescale Skin Male FrontMarshmist Palescale Skin Argonian Male FrontMarshmist Palescale Skin Khajit Female FrontApricot Orange

Crafted Sets

Grave-Stake Collector (7 Traits)

Sweet Breeze Overlook MapSweet Breeze OverlookSweet Breeze Overlook Grave-Stake Collector

Might of the Lost Legion (4 Traits)

Ruined Village MapRuined VillageRuined Village Might of the Lost Legion

Naga Shaman (2 Traits)

Deep Swamp Forge MapDeep Swamp ForgeDeep Swamp Forge Naga Shaman


Lakemire Xanmeer Manor

Enchanted Snow Globe Home



Rock, Mossy Marsh 1Rocks, Mossy Marsh Cluster 1Tree, Towering Snowy Fir 1Plant Cluster, Cardinal Flower Large 1Plant Cluster, Cardinal Flower Small 1Plant Cluster, Marsh Saplings 1Plant Cluster, Red Sister Ti 1Plant Cluster, Spadeleaf 1Plant Cluster, Wilted Hist Bulb 1Plant, Bramblebrush 1Plant, Canna Lily 1Plant, Cardinal Flower 1Plant, Large Lantern Flower 1Plant, Lantern Flower 1Plant, Marsh Mani Flower 1Plant, Marsh Nigella 1Plant, Marsh Palm 1Plant, Moorstalk Hive 1Plant, Purple Spadeleaf 1Plant, Rafflesia 1Plant, Red Sister Ti 1Plant, Star Bloom 1Plant, Thorny Swamp Lily 1Plant, Wilted Hist Bulb 1Plant, Young Marshfrond 1Shrub, Burnt Brush 1Tree , Ancient Banyan 1Tree , Banyan 1Tree , Marsh Cypress 1Tree , Mire Mangrove 1Tree , Mossy Sycamore 1Tree Cluster, Young Sycamore 1Tree, Snowy Fir 1Tree, Tall Snowy Fir 1Plant, Dendritic Hist Bulb 1Plant, Hist Bulb 1Plant, Marsh Aloe 1Plant, Marsh Aloe Pod 1


Murkmire Totem Post, Carved 1Murkmire Totem, Wolf-Lizard 1Canopied Felucca, Double Hulled 1Murkmire Felucca, Canopied 1Reed Felucca, Double Hulled 1Murkmire Bonding Chimes, Domed 1Murkmire Bonding Chimes, Simple 1Guar Ice Sculpture 1Mudcrab Ice Sculpture 1Sithis, the Hungering Dark 1Vvardvark Ice Sculpture 1New Life Snowmetal, Argonian 1New Life Snowmetal, Human 1New Life Snowmetal, Khajiit 1


Murkmire Bench, Armless 1Murkmire Bench, Wide 1Murkmire Chair, Engraved 1Murkmire Chair, Woven 1Murkmire Counter, Cabinet 1Murkmire Counter, Low Cabinet 1Murkmire Table, Engraved 1Murkmire Table, Woven 1


Murkmire Throne, Engraved 1New Life Garland 1New Life Garland Wreath 1Winter Ouroboros Wreath 1


Murkmire Plate, Charger 1Murkmire Platter, Large 1Bowl of Guts 1Bowl of Worms 1Bowl of Worms, Large 1Grub Kebabs 1Dragonfruit, Wax 1Melon, Wax 1Murkmire Berry Strand 1New Life Cookies and Ale 1


The Sharper Tongue A Jel Primer 1Murkmire Desk. Engraved 1Murkmire Bookshelf 1Murkmire Bookshelf, Full 1Murkmire Bookshelf, Grand 1Murkmire Bookshelf, Grand Full 1Murkmire Shelf, Reed 1Murkmire Shelf, Woven 1Murkmire Shelf, Woven Hanging 1From Old Life to New 1The Way of Shadow 1


Murkmire Brazier, Bowl 1Murkmire Brazier, Engraved 1Murkmire Brazier, Shell 1Murkmire Candlepost, Driftwood 1Murkmire Candlepost, Timber 1Murkmire Candle, Bone Squat 1Murkmire Candle, Bone Tall 1Murkmire Candles, Bone Group 1Murkmire Lamp, Hanging Bottle 1Murkmire Lamp, Hanging Conch 1Murkmire Lamp, Shell 1Murkmire Lantern, Covered 1Murkmire Lantern Post, Covered 1Mukmire Sconce, Shell 1


Murkmire Rug, Crawling Serpents 1Murkmire Rug, Hist Gathering 1Murkmire Rug, Lurking Lizard 1Murkmire Rug, Supine Turtle 1Murkmire Tapestry, Hist Gathering 1Murkmire Tapestry, Xanmeer 1New Life Triptych Banner 1


Winter Festival Hearthfire 1Target Voriplasm 1


Murkmire Kiln, Ancient Stone 1Murkmire Kiln, Derelict 1Murkmire Totem, Beacon 1Murkmire Gate, Arched 1Murkmire Wall, Corner Curve 1Murkmire Wall, Stone 1Murkmire Wall, Straight 1Murkmire Dais, Engraved 1Murkmire Platform, Reed 1Murkmire Platform, Sectioned 1Murkmire Ramp, Marshwood 1Murkmire Ramp, Reed 1Murkmire Walkway, Reed 1Winter Festical Hearth 1


Murkmire Bed, Carved 1Murkmire Bed, Enclosed 1Murkmire Trunk, Leatherbound 1Murkmire Wardrobe, Woven 1


Grave Stake, Large Fearsome 1Grave Stake, Large Glyphed 1Grave Stake, Large Serpent 1Grave Stake, Large Skull 1Grave Stake, Large Twinned 1Murkmire Sarcophagus Lid 1Murkmire Sarcophagus, Empty 1Serpent Skull, Colossal 1Murkmire Hearth Shrine, Sithis Coiled 1Murkmire Hearth Shrine, Sithis Looming 1Murkmire Hearth Shrine, Sithis Rearing 1Murkmire Pedestal, Low 1Murkmire Pedestal, Winged 1Murkmire Shrine, Sithis Coiled 1Murkmire Shrine, Sithis Figure 1Murkmire Shrine, Sithis Rearing 1Murkmire Shrine, Sithis Relief 1Shrine, Sithis Figure Anointed 1Shrine, Sithis Looming Anointed 1Stele, Hist Cultivation 1Stele, Hist Guardians 1New Life Festive Fir 1New Life Ladle 1

Achievement Furnisher

Argon Pedestal, Replica 1Banner, Bright-Throat 1Banner, Dead-Water 1Banner, Rootwater 1Grave Stake, Small Glyphed 1Look Upon Their Nothing Eyes 1Acts of HonoringLies of the Dread-FatherScales of ShadowSpeakers of NothingThat of VoidMurkmire Totem, Stone Head 1Remnant of Argon, Replica 1Seed Doll, Turtle 1Timid Vine-Tongue 1