ESO Fashion – Markarth DLC

Current as of: 18 Oct 20 – Complete

Table of Contents

New Motifs

New Item Sets


Arena Weapons (Ancestral Reach)

  • Vateshran / Perfected Vateshran

Arena Sets (Ancestral Reach)


  • Red Eagle’s Fury (Red Eagle Redoubt) – 3 Traits
  • Aetherial Ascension (Philosopher’s Cradle) – 9 Traits
  • Legacy of Karth (Druadach Redoubt) – 6 Traits

New Antiquities

  • Arkthzand Insight Vertex Shroud (Hat)
  • Dwarven Scarab (Non-Combat Pet) – split into seven fragments
  • Map of the Reach (Furnishing)
  • Red Eagle Cave Painting (Furnishing)
  • Vampiric Stained Glass (Furnishing)

New Collectibles and Outfit Styles

  • Void Pathosis (Skin) – “Vateshran Hollows Conqueror” achievement

New Dyes

  • Darkstorm Emerald – “Savior of the Reach” achievement
  • Void Pitch – “Honor to the Spiritblood” achievement

New Homes

New Furnishings

  • Crafted – across the Reach along with the Solitude furnishing plans from Western Skyrim
    • Blueprint: Dwarven Wall Lamp, Reachfolk Adorned
    • Blueprint: Reachmen Chandelier, Gnarled
    • Blueprint: Reachmen Chandelier, Shaded
    • Design: Dwarven Dinner Bowl, Hearty Stew
    • Design: Dwarven Plate, Full Breakfast
    • Design: Dwarven Serving Dish, Vegetable Soup
    • Diagram: Dwarven Amphora, Ornate Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Brazier, Square Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Candlestick, Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Chair, Ornate Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Cooking Implements, Hanging
    • Diagram: Dwarven Corner Bench, Ornate Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Desk, Ornate Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Divider, Ornate Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Kettle, Ornate Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Lamp, Conal Frustum Cage
    • Diagram: Dwarven Lamp, Cylinder Cage
    • Diagram, Dwarven Low Table Ornate Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Mug, Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Pew, Ornate Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Plate, Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Pot, Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Potted Plant, Polished Vase
    • Diagram: Dwarven Relief, Connected Circles
    • Diagram: Dwarven Relief, Tracks
    • Diagram: Dwarven Sideboard, Granite Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Strainer, Kitchen
    • Diagram: Dwarven Table, Grand Polished
    • Diagram: Dwarven Table Lamp, Polished Dome
    • Pattern: Dwarven Bed, Reach Furs
    • Pattern: Dwarven Bed, Reach Furs Canopy
    • Pattern: Dwarven Bed, Reach Furs Double
    • Praxis: Dwarven Bench, Ornate Granite
    • Praxis: Dwarven Counter, Granite
    • Praxis: Dwarven Divider, Ornate Granite
    • Praxis: Dwarven End Table, Columnar Granite
    • Praxis: Dwarven Table, Granite
    • Praxis: Dwarven Table, Granite Kitchen
    • Sketch: Dwarven Cage: Polished Specimen
    • Sketch: Dwarven Mirror, Polished
  • Achievement Furnisher
    • Dwarven Beacon, Aetheric – Dynastor Deposed
    • Dwarven Crystal Receptacle – Reach Cave Delver
    • Dwarven Liminal Diffusion – Taking up the Mantle
    • Dwarven Stand, Void Crystal – Weaned From Darkness
    • Dwarven Tonal Cascade – Reach Master Explorer
    • Dwarven Tonal Manacle – Defender of the Reach
    • Falmer Totem of Dominance – Gloomreach Explorer
    • Nighthollow Banner – Savior of the Reach
    • Reach Effigy of Turnabout – Vateshran Hollows Conqueror
    • Reachwitch Protective Totem – Reach Master Angler
    • Tree, Reach Totem – Briar Rock Ruins Explorer
  • Home Good Furnisher (new items only)
    • Dwarven Broom, Restored
    • Dwarven Loaf Pan, Rectangular
    • Dwarven Plate, Salvaged Decorative
    • Reachfolk Banner, Markarth
  • Furnishing Pack: Mad Alchemist
    • Stone Garden Casket, Alchemized Bloodknight
    • Stone Garden Circulator, Rootbound
    • Stone Garden Tank, Vacant
    • Stone Garden Vat, Alchemized Bristleback
    • Stone Garden Vat, Alchemized Chaurus
    • Stone Garden Vat, Alchemized Durzog
    • Stone Garden Vat, Vacant
    • Target Bloodknight